The New Religion

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Can a new world religion arise in the 21st century?

Throughout history, whenever a new religion made its appearance, it was something’s response to a crying need. So, a saviour – in the form of a messiah, messenger, teacher – was sent to get humanity back on track with what being human is about in the first place, only for the original vitamin they brought to be warped by followers who claimed ownership on their version of it. As an example, what do abuse of power, or unimaginable cruelty, have to do with religion? The answer is: Less than nothing.

When we look at the world, it is easy to experience a sense of gloom and doom. The air, however, is pregnant with new energies and possibilities. The symptoms of this reality keep popping in and around us, at all levels, from fuelling extremism at the low end, to searching for new ways forward at the higher end (Much is written and spoken about this in previous Fulcrums).

Different to what it was

If a new religion is present, where is the saviour? What does it feel like, what does it look like? The thought of a saviour points our attention outside of ourselves. Who and where are they? What are they saying? The world is programmed for male saviours. What if it’s a female? Would a male-dominated world accept this reality?

What if there is a savioural presence that has been working to establish a scenario not of followers, but a collective togetherness of many saviours? Not that each individual is a ‘saviour’ per se, but all together, with their unselfish harmonic collective resonance, deep sense of purpose, and refining states of being, create an invitational space for new enabling powers to make their appearance.

The perception of many rather than one points us inward, into ourselves, nudging us to connect to the precious gift of uniqueness that lives in each and every one of us. Being an evolutionary building site in progress, each of us has something meaningful to offer into the developing conversation between the human and our collective future.

Subtle Nudges

History teaches that mighty events begin with subtle feelings and gentle nudges that know no rank and station, registered by any seeking person, whoever and wherever they are. The human is made to live in a state of union with higher powers and intelligences, and these respond to genuineness, desperation, cry, deep interest, and depth of pursuit. Being absent of 21st century moralities and class distinction, these powers seek for direct connection, engendering realities where seeking humans become directly joined to the greater causes of living and existing. There is no middle person, just you and I directly connected to what has caused us to be. Meanwhile, the power merchants of the 21st century are disconnected from this emerging reality, being too obsessed with maintaining the status quo, and their illusions and personal survival therein.

Change is in the air, bringing a new message to humanity: “These are the times to set yourself free, a new, fresh opportunity to discover what the natural you is made to be”.

The new religion

The new religion is the religion of constructive – as distinct from anything goes – freedoms, of live and let live, of exercising one’s birth-right to choose what one wants to be and most of all, serve. It also brings with it the powers to disintegrate the obsolete forms of the old world. This may not appear to be so at first sight, but if we look closely under the surface, the first cracks can already be detected. Bearing in mind that organic processes are non-linear and have their way of bursts of unpredictable sudden quickening out of seemingly thin air. (The falling of the Berlin Wall, as an example)

The artificial versus the natural

While the rapid development of artificial intelligence seems to be the biggest ‘in’ thing of the times, what about natural intelligence? How is it developing and evolving? Because if a new religion is in the process of making its appearance, so may be the prospect of the evolution of natural intelligence. Because both religion and natural intelligence are direct products of organic advances and non-linear octave leaps in the evolutionary dimensions of the human existence.

If a person becomes too wired to the artificial worlds, it gets to a point where their brain and mind are gradually rewired and reprogrammed to a point where their natural ability to directly connect to the natural worlds becomes impaired and, in some cases, locked out of their mentation. So, their ability to perceive and feel the presence of the spiritual dimensions is largely absent, and so is their capacity to think properly about the future. It then becomes a case of contemplating the future from a disconnected state, with all manner of insane ideas, while coming across highly intelligent and persuasive to those bewitched by the artificial worlds. Because humans are made to evolve. Much of the rest is high tech today, junk tomorrow. A seeking human is evolving today, to become closer to oneself, more illumined, and meaningful, in ways that potently resonate in the bigger context of living.

Setting oneself free

Do you think that the divine powers that are there to assist the human’s spiritual quest need to know your cultural identity before they power, heal, or guide? The 21st century makes absolutely no sense to the universe – it is regarded as a raving madhouse. The saving graces are those that know this to be the case and are nevertheless pioneering inside of the ongoings of their life the ways of decency, goodness, and creative brilliance, each in their unique way and style. Note: A genuine enactment of any quality, such as kindness, care, or finesse, can give birth to sparkles of energetic gems of creative brilliance by their mindful response to a moment’s needs.

So set yourself free. Free from needing to take sides. Free from the judgement of others upon you and your judgement upon others. Free from needing to belong to things you want no part of. Free from obsolete ideas and belief systems. Free from whatever in you is weighing you down.

Take a bold step forward in yourself, into a new world of possibilities, to discover the ever-renewing natural you, and perhaps next to that, new opportunities that could not appear on your screen while being weighed down by the magnetism of the no longer relevant.

One decision, many small actions. This is the exalted dance of life towards a bright tomorrow, in many contexts.

With best wishes,

David Gommé

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