Four Self-Empowerment Pathways

Self-empowerment has many levels. Much of it concerns what we can summon from within ourselves, from our natural potential, in a way that fulfils whatever is needed from us to be and to do.

Following are four self-empowerment pathways, out of many. Not presented in any meaningful order, all four share a deep common denominator. So, let’s get to it.

  1. The power of language

Imagine life without language, the enabling media of human intelligence. As a bird is known by its song, so is a human by the quality, depth, and range of their usage of language. Listen to what someone is saying, to what they are not saying, to the worlds they are using, to the tone, tonality, speed, rhythm… bearing in mind that you can also be someone else to the impartial you… The more attentive we are, the more telling the experience… How we use language governs the size of the birdcage we occupy.

Consider the world of connected words and phrases. “Stop!”; “Believe you can, and you are halfway there”- both the word and phrase reside in our minds in different contexts, from the deeply printed habitual to the profound and mystical. ‘Connected’ in the sense of imbedded inner formations that are home to specific meanings and essence formation, thereby evoking certain feelings and reactions (and much more) where in some cases these can even shape aspects of our DNA.

Ask yourself: What is the nature of inner conversation between me and me that is happening in my head? Do I have my own unique, connected, powered language – words and phrases – that I have come to use, to empower my thoughts and actions as I journey through the trials of life? Am I feeling the need to expand and deepen my usage of language, to break through the habitual, into new grounds, and thereby, new self-discovery?

It is known that formulating the right question leads to the right answers, in a multitude of contexts. Such is the power of language.

  1. What is my attitude?

Ask yourself: What is my attitude towards this and that? What is my attitude to the opportunity of living? What is my attitude to a loved one? What is my attitude to planet Earth? What is my attitude to work? What is my attitude to my fellow humans? Perhaps frame your own questions. And then, answer the question honestly and truthfully, being as clear as you can. Then, follow with the question: What would I want my attitude to be? What do I need to do to change it where it needs to be changed?

Do this to learn much about yourself and the nature of influences that may be shaping your inner processes.

  1. Quality of inner process

What would you prefer for your soul life to constitute: A wondrous, harmonious blend of glittering forces, or a dumping ground for the emotional toxic waste of the 21st century? Because this is a choice presented to us from the moment we wake up, day in, day out. The question being: How do we go about ensuring that our inner process is graced by regenerative, revitalising, healing forces, rather than anything else?

The driving question in this is: What do I want? Can you state lucidly, expansively, what you want? What you want to be with, to accomplish, to connect to, in this life, beyond the limitations of the 21st century? And develop the will to pursue what you want through thick and thin? Note that it’s not a question and final answer – it’s a constantly evolving process that takes as long as it takes, with many stations and elevations. The more we know what we want, the clearer we become about what we do not want, which is equally important as knowing what we do.

Perhaps have a go, anew, to update yourself, to create the space for new intelligence to enlighten the process and reveal facets of the human possibility that you may have been missing out on. Because the self-awareness of what is possible for a human to be and do lives at the heart of this process.

  1. Breaking away

Life, the world, the planet, the natural worlds, the universe – all are teeming with electro-magnetisms. And there are numerous kinds of electro-magnetisms, from those that bind, to those that pick things apart, to those that regenerate, to those that heal – to mention a few.

Did you ever find yourself in a situation that drags you into lesser states that are below the vision that you have for you and perhaps also for your loved ones? Such as a bad neighbourhood, or toxic relationships, social circle, or workplaces? These produce magnetisms of the coarse kind, that a human on a journey of refinement cannot tolerate. The task is to be able to summon the will, the reasoning, and inner resources to break away from these situations.

The act of breaking away from compromising scenarios to more fitting life pastures is potently self-empowering. It is a statement to oneself and what one is naturally connected to, that one values one’s life and opportunity, and that one is not given to other people’s/cultural persuasions to govern one’s precious opportunity to experience the higher possibilities of living and existing.

Perhaps as you read this, a better opportunity is awaiting in the unseen, that needs you to make a little yet firm step in its direction, for it to power your next move in life…?

Each human being is a natural born leader – of oneself.

 With best wishes,

David Gommé

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