Every day that passes, we are presented with the rolling reality of the incessant ‘more’: More conflicts, more violence, competition, more pressure and stress, more destruction, more confusion, more extremes in many contexts. Do you take notice of the fact that hardly a day passes without a new violent conflict(s) – those in the headlines and those not reported – breaking out or escalating somewhere in the world? And the consequences of millions of innocent lives trapped in the crossfires of raving insanities?

Not who, but what is causing violent outbreaks

When nations or cults go to war, it’s not humans, but unseen powers working through ‘humans’ that are at war. We tend to associate humans – individuals and collectives – and the belief systems that occupy them, as the instigators. While how people are formed up constitutes the vehicle of these powers, the nature of these powers determine the nature of what is happening.

So, it is never two nations at war – it is always a case of two possessing entities at war; feeding upon the fumes of terror, violence, control, and human suffering, because this is the food they need for their sustenance and continuance. High powers feed on high, refined, constructive processes. Degenerate powers feed on coarseness and that which coarseness gives rise to, which is more coarseness of a coarser kind.

You likely feel the magnetic pull and push of these forces – they need to recruit you and me as their agencies and feeding points. The more humans are caught up in the multitude of schisms, sucked into the hellish vortex of these powers, the more powerful and violent they become, flashing across the world, constantly looking for their next feeding point.

The task

One of the tasks of a developing human is to not be recruited; to escape the peril of schisms coming to live inside of us, in our brains, emotions, minds and souls, dividing us from within, with many humans unknowingly becoming slave units and feeding points of those forces, as many heads of states and ruling cults effectively are.

Using a previously used graphic analogy, a gardener cannot bring water from oneself but can connect a hose to a water source to water the garden. A human cannot produce the winds and powers of change from within oneself but can be a vehicle for these powers. The more of us present at the point of the source of the waters – the energies of the future – the greater the amperage of that which flows through, that can change the world.

We are naturally connected

How do I find this inner connection? you may ask. We all have it naturally by being human, to something deep in us, and through that, deep in Creation. When spending quiet, quality  time, away from the shrieking decibels of the 21st century, listening to the subtle voices of the many inner lives, is a process that draws us closer to it. Being there intactly, unwaveringly, persistently, cleanly; individually, and together, resonates in ways vastly more impactful in the real worlds than aggressive marches through the streets, whose signal is too coarse to be reaching the unseen powers that stand ready to help the human cause.

Before proceeding, it is important to acknowledge that as this is written and read, there are those of us in harm’s way, in the throes of harsh, cruel realities,  where the thought of quiet, quality time is a distant dream, thereby magnifying the vital importance of those who can hold it for them.

We know how crucial first responders are in the seen, material worlds, saving lives and containing disasters. At another level, there are also first responders in the intangible context, being there to receive and safely channel new energies that are now in the process of imbuing humanity. So, another name for ‘change agent’ could be ‘first responder in the energetic context’.

In these realms, we are together at the edge of an unknown, because as has already been spoken of in previous Fulcrums, the future is not a linear continuation of our yesterdays but a non-linear appearance from the domains that gift us the possibility and hope of a bright future.

With very best wishes,


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  1. Thank you for these insights in de role we can play, instead of being victim, or instigator of all that is running around.

  2. Important clarification in these devastating times. For people who want to help, but often don’t know how.
    This gives a clear indication of possibilities to assist

    Watching the news shows me how important it is what to connect to and where definitely not. So thank you David for this reminder!

  3. So many important considerations in this small writing……
    May many people rise into the function of ‘peace holders’ that Peace may have a safe harbour in us and a place from which to echo….
    Thanks for Sharing.

  4. Sitting behind the piano, fingers trigger sounds, the heart responds in recognition, harmonies inviting a notion of belonging to a space that does make sense, that is in tune. Every moment invites the next moment , building a platform that resonates with a future that seems more attractive than what the world has to offer right now. Actively petitioning for a better future.

    With softness and care, Martein

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