To get a glimpse of the future of leadership, we need to bear in mind that the future of the world we live in will not be a linear carry-over from its yesterdays, but a non-linear appearance of a new energetic reality that the world at large still fails to comprehend and properly adapt itself to.

A new evolutionary wave

A new energetic reality translates to new ways of thinking, the real deal of natural, clean technologies, and new behavioural sciences that enable the human to cope with a looming reality that we have absolutely no control of – it is not instigated by us and not determined by us. So, it is very much a matter of how we manage ourselves inside of it.  It is like waking up one morning to a sky turned pink. Imagine the impact on, well everything. The nature of evolutionary change is far more radical than this.

The melting of the behavioural ice-caps

Now consider yet another analogy, that of stone-frozen ice turning to liquid water. If we were not familiar with the three states of water – ice, liquid, steam – in observing an iceberg we would at first likely not make the connection between it and an ocean of water.

By analogy, the last few thousand years were ice-age-like, in the way of being fixed in certain patterns of thinking, habits, and behaviour. As an example, how a single mind can direct and control the fate of others, in many different contexts. The frozen settings of the ‘behavioural ice age’ made it possible, and we see the symptoms of this all around us.

Now as much as it may not seem to be so, because of the nature of accelerating extreme playing out all around us, we are witnessing the final death-throws of the entities of this ‘frozen’ reality.

What is happening in the exploding complexity and stranger than fiction mysteries of the unseen energetic worlds attending human affairs, is very much like the melting of the ice-caps. The energetic structures that make it possible for fixated minds to gather great concentrate of red-natured force are now in the process of dissolving, making way for a new, highly fluid reality, sourced from elsewhere, where any one mind, no matter how intellectually brilliant or forcefully charismatic, will increasingly be seen in the way of the king is naked and drowning in ignorance– having no clue of what is happening, and no power to exercise their brand of personal warp.

The arising of the like-minded many

What is now emerging to occupy the leadership vacancy of the future are independent, no-borders networks of people looking for new ways forward. Learning how to be, think, and work together, to create space for a bright new future, where there is hope for a new and better tomorrow, beyond our wildest dreams, where there is no allowance for the few to determine the fate of the many; but for the many to work together in such a way so as to create space for the blending and flowering of the many forms of unique natural genius that each and every one of us is blessed with.

Example: The rich theatre of kindness, present as part of a person’s essence formation, is a form of human genius, when exercised in good measure, in a person’s journey through the many challenges of living.

Note that we are not talking about a new kind of socialism. On the contrary, we are talking about alignment to a greater purpose, with a continuum of new learning and discovery, like a baby making the first steps in a new life.

Once it was the case of one messiah. Today, moving forward, is the case of the many connecting and working together, where no-one is the know-all expert, young or old.

Of course, there may be elected circles of those that work to facilitate and serve across different levels and needs, where the focus is first on the purpose and only then on the people, not the other way around. This may be coming across as a utopic vision, but its seeds are already present in the soil of the future, in the conviction that unless the world changes its ways it simply has no future.

Change is in the air

The great news is that there is a greater purpose, the vibes of which are being felt by many,  where minds capable of being simple lead the way, both within and in how we help each other to read the runes of the myriad of symptoms of how this event in progress continues to evolve.

Before bringing this to a point, it is important to say that many are genuinely trying, at all levels of society. But change cannot manifest by attempting to come up with solutions from within the governing framework of the ruling agenda that keeps feeding the problem. It can only happen through a process of creating an unconditional space for its continuing, non-linear organic appearance.

Change is in the air; can you feel it?

With best wishes,


World Copyright 2023© David Gommé


  1. Dear David,
    Your writing feels spot on inside what is emerging! The individual is invited to align its development attempts inside of the great, if not critical needs that we as a human race are confronted with. Collective calls for Corrective, leading to Connective…
    With encouragement, Rob

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