Stress and Natural Alignment

Work-related stress has now been officially recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) through a revision of the International Classification of Diseases, a handbook for doctors and health insurers.

According to WHO, burnout is “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

Statistically, some 40% of the workforce – this goes up and down, depending on where one is in the world – will experience stress burnout in the course of their working career. You may be one of them.

A multitude of stress management websites go to great lengths to advise better sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, exercise and work-life balances, but they mainly address dealing with the symptoms. What we are touching upon here is the prime cause of stress that lives at the heart of the problem, which is not being able to use oneself properly due to being at distance from oneself and from one’s natural human alignment.

Before delving into natural alignment, let’s get out of the way the case with unnatural alignment that is being harboured en-mass by the 21st century and its three ‘gods’: Power, sex and money. Keep this in mind as we move on to explore the case with natural alignment.

Natural alignment

Natural alignment is not a one thing – it is a combination of several core components existing inside of a developmental gradient. In their merging and blending they shape a person’s positioning in relation to living.

Let’s explore some of those components.

The human is created to be a feeling being, with pleasure and pain being the most highlighted aspects of our feeling faculties.

The world we live in makes the subject of pain a particularly relevant focal point. Pain exists along a gradient that has one end in the body and the other in the soul and spirit lives. The pain of the prick of a needle as against the pain of the prick of mockery. The pain of a burn as against the pain of emotional turmoil. The pain from a hard fall as against the pain of being bullied. The feeling of heat emanating from a radiator as against being sensitive to deadly electrosmog radiating from modern day devices.

When a human being is connected and sensitive to one’s incredible range of feelings – from the acute to the fine and subtle – and thereby, to the feelings of others, he or she will shudder at the thought of inflicting pain upon their fellow humans.

Do no harm is etched in the mindfulness of a feeling human being

Common sense
The human is blessed with a natural alignment to common sense. One simply knows when something makes sense or when it doesn’t. As an example. Jerusalem is home to major sacred sites of several religions. To divide it between them in the way of a shared rule that is based on peaceful, harmonious coexistence and natural human cooperation not only makes common sense but would also generate a profound impact on the whole world. But those involved seem to have a common sense issue – they are too tangled up in the lesser, thereby masking the incredible opportunity to demonstrate what a properly practiced religion is all about in the first place.

Pure and simple common sense does away with the need for scientific proof for the glaring obvious

The human is naturally aligned to know right from wrong. The domain of righteousness is a profoundly powerful, Godly domain. The task is to connect to its essence, not as a judge, jury and executioner but rather in the context of the ability to discern right from wrong in small and big ways, to create the mental space for it to shape one’s perception and attitude.

Righteousness can only be realised through impartiality


Do you see the deep common denominator between feelings, common sense and righteousness?

When a human being disconnects from their natural alignment to be a feeling being; to common sense; to righteousness – and more – the consequence is stress-inducing behaviour, from mild to reckless brutality.

The greatest stress

The greatest stress is arguably caused by not perceiving and thus dismissing the wide-open window of spiritual evolutionary opportunity that is now present and beckoning for human attention.

Millions of people around the world are feeling and responding to its signal, which is shaping human behaviour and expanding creative capacity. The problem is that, highjacked by the gods of power, sex and money, the framework imposed by the 21st century, it prevents humanity from perceiving and benefiting from the full spectrum of this magnificent developmental opportunity. The world is in a process of undergoing a profound transition in a spiritual context, with one of the prime outcomes of this transition being a rebalancing between the masculin and feminine vectors. (A subject that is threading itself through many previously written Fulcrums)

You may ask: “Is it possible to create working ecologies that harness this new signal without undermining the business?” Of-course it is possible – one just needs to want it. Because combining correctly the new and the present enhances the business in radically surprising ways.

Correct human alignment opens the floodgates to the future

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David Gommé
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