The One And Only Guiding Principle You Ever Need For Time-Management

Value awareness shapes how we think about our mental and material resources. There are two values living in the ‘most precious’ category: How we relate to time and opportunity.

When it’s time for an energy snack, it presents an energising opportunity. That is, if it’s the right snack, as some don’t live up to what they advertise. Here, the value outcome – the nourishment we get – is subject to the person’s investment.

So what is the nature of this investment?

The nature of investment from the person is in making the right choice. How we use the gift of self-elected choice is a critical self-awareness. Any point in time in our lives has space for one choice; one decision. In the case of the energy bar, choice is the outcome of personal preference and product awareness. In the bigger picture of living, making the right choice is the outcome of being one’s own person, of having one’s own mind and of being a well-informed individual.

The mindful investor knows how to wisely invest one’s choice credit into the precious time-opportunity combo. As an example, if we spend too much time thinking about what is wrong – from personal to whatever else – we lose sight of what is right and especially where we can make a differene, sometimes in bigger ways than we may realise.

There is one and only one overlord principle of time-management. If you internalise and faithfully apply it, you may never need a time-management workshop. Are you ready..? Here it is:

Every day of your life, focus on what is really important, on the top priority issue of the day, and proceed to dedicate to it at least 2/3 of your available working time

If you find it impossible, you are in need of a radical mind-set overhaul in regard to how you think about time and opportunity. If you are leading a project or a business, it will never be cutting edge unless this core principle is adhered to. With the added notation that in a shape-shifting world what is important may wear a different cloak today than it did yesterday.

The wisdom behind the 2/3 : 1/3 principle is profoundly simple: The quality of powers and energies that we process determine what we can and cannot do – physically and mentally. (Please note that 2/3 to 1/3 is not so much an exact formulae but a directing alignment)

When we concentrate our efforts on the top priority issue, it forms a mental hub that acts like a powerful magnet for high energies. As has been touched upon in recent Fulcrums, life happens along a gradient of energies and powers that host ascending potencies of empowering intelligence.

The higher we go, the more we can accomplish with less effort, which is the secret of effective individuals: Attend the the most pressing need and the rest will take care of itself.

The launching patform for re-imagining and creating new futures is the ability to climb up one’s inner gradient

In my consulting practice I am all too often exposed to the 101 reasons why an executive is unable to decidedly shift his/her centre of gravity into the realms of what is critically important; on the real top priority. Do you find yourself caught up in rigid persuasions or psychologies that consistently derail you from engaging in the cutting edge, the lifeblood of progress? It has already been scientifically proven that the 21st century multi-tasking syndrome is an absolute menace to people’s well-being, to their productivity and to the economy of living.

The ability to perceive and respond to ‘screaming’ needs is a crucial leadership capability; enabled by being unwaveringly present in the perpetual growth vector throughout the spectrum of one’s engagement.

David Gommé
World Copyright 2015© David Gommé

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