The Rise of Decency

Decency: “Behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability”. Example: When making a promise or agreement that one is not able to fulfill; to have the decency to let the other party know without delay.

Every day we are made aware of yet another incomprehensively massive financial fraud; horrific acts of barbarism; new forms of violence; injustice; kleptocracy, deception; manipulation; insane conflicts and arms races and what else that cause many of us to experience a measure of despair – determined by each person’s location, congnisance, feelings and moral foundations. Each age, each millennia, each century, each decade with its variations of human insanity that brings nothing but extreme forms of pain and darkness to many parts of this world.

And yet, throughout history; there is the multitude of the very decent, good and great and truly wonderful people of this world. The decent; the hard-working; the anonymous servants of righteousness, as some of the very greatest were and are unknown to the mass; the ever-trying; the courageous; the bright; the brilliant; the constructive creatives – giving and doing their best, each in his/her own unique way.

Time and again, during the darkest times, in magical and often mysterious ways, the light of the innate powers of decency will shine through, to power humanity on its journey to its next phase of re-building, reformation and evolution. An ambassador of spiritual consciousness, decency prevails in maintaining humanity’s upper hand over darkness. Deep within us and within the collective instinct of humanity, the compass of decency steers our actions away from the pull of the not caring ways, confirming the practitioner in their endeavour to stay connected to the essence of humanity.

It mostly happens through seemingly small actions: Of fairness; of justice; of being correct; of doing the right thing; of not giving in to corruption; of giving fair measure; of kindness; of empathy; of charity. Each in their way celebrating moments of triumph on whatever it is that makes it all too easy to avoid, forget, dismiss, ignore.

Practice it today, adopt it, consciously and deliberately to be part of the most powerful human arising that knows no borders and no difference. Decency prevails, together with the powers that it channels into human affairs.

David Gommé
World Copyright 2012© David Gommé

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