Small Actions, Big Impact

Personal development is a magnificent living science. ‘Living’ because it happens in a living thing – a human being – rather than in a feelingless robot with no consciousness of its own. Personal development either happens upon us as we navigate the trials of life, or as an outcome of taking charge of ourselves and our actions, enabled by self-tasking – how we task ourselves and what we task ourselves with, as we journey through life.


Most Fulcrum readers are likely familiar with mini goals. An example for a mini goal is “I am tasking myself to be clear and confident in how I communicate what is important for me to communicate in today’s meeting”. Or “I will patiently, genuinely, listen to what he/she has to say”. It matters not how small the task is, what is important is to concentrate, to be focused, while exercising the full weight of one’s current capacity in the act of living the mini goal, thereby making a tiny super-effort in the process of making it happen. As we know, easier said than done. But nevertheless, one of the most rewarding trainings of self, exercised in the flow of the ever-changing kaleidoscope of daily living.

The Energetic Dimension

To understand the dynamics of ‘small actions, big impact’, and especially why ‘big impact’, let’s venture into the worlds of energy and power. Humans are electric beings living in a body. When we act, while the act is seen, the reason why we do what we do lives in the unseen, and the quality and depth of reasoning shape the nature of the outcome.

When driven by constructive intentions and reasons, the action resonates in a singular manner, attracting high forces that are in harmony with where it comes from in a person. And these forces constitute the precious currency and building blocks of human development.

As an example, taking a firm position and saying no resolutely for the right reason, with no reserve, can potently resonate in the unseen worlds. So, the first impact is into oneself, one’s state of being and radiation, which can also influence others, far and near, that happen to be on the wavelength or energetic slipstream of the generating person, thereby helping others break their own personal barriers. Quite magical, isn’t it?

A constructive singular act, no matter how small, with a sound reason, can resonate in the unseen worlds of the universe. This is the quantum dynamics of human process.


When we lead ourselves to a state of inner peace through self-tasking – where the space that we occupy is not given to attract into it divisive powers – and we live it, what might be its impact on the world around us? We need to try to find out. Likewise with other qualities, such as care, forbearance, warmth, constructive beliefs…

Making a clear decision, taking a position, articulating a reason, and acting with utterness, generates energetic echoes into and throughout oneself, and beyond, potentially engendering many kinds of self-healing and energising. When a few act in concert, they together create a resonating space that can become a channel for world-changing powers.

Consider the impact of an anonymous person’s actions on the lives of many… where someone, somewhere, suddenly, out of the blue, experiences a personal breakthrough, a little energetic nudge, or a wave of inspiration, that they may not be able to engender on their own…

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David Gommé

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