Each one of us has an inner compass which is part of the human makeup – we naturally and intuitively know where we want to go, and what is right and not right for us to be doing.

Do you ever find yourself asking: What is my true natural inclination? What do I really, really want? Why am I doing what I am doing? What do fulfilment and success mean to me, what do they look like? Because many of us do, and for a good reason.

The 21st century is a self-centred pressure-cooker environment, with countless disorienting agendas and persuasions. The world around us needs us to be something for it, and that something may not always match, often conflicting with what we are and our sense of purpose.

So, one’s natural compass can become overlaid inside of the white noise intensity in one’s head, to the point of losing connection with it, or just feeling a feint inner whisper desperately trying to catch the front-brain’s attention .

One of the prime tasks of developing self-leadership is for a person to restore connection to their inner compass, bring it to life, and learn to trust and how to use it to guide oneself in the demanding task of navigating the one’s inner maze and that of modern living.

To restore and fine-tune the inner compass, we need to rediscover what we really want and summon the courage to break away from the clutch of our yesterdays by creating space to think anew about what is important and what is important to us. The ‘what do you want’ question is not one to solve once and for all, because humans are still evolving, in tiny measures every day, thereby presenting new self-awareness and self-realisation opportunities that defy self-fixing, at least in those who are on this journey.

A compass points to the Earth’s magnetic north. What nature of power ‘magnetises’ the inner compass of a human being? This opens up a profound searching process that is concerned with the universal evolutionary signal, the tune that inspires the dance of living and responding, each person and their unique way and style.

With best wishes,

David Gommé

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