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Many of the Fulcrum subscribers asked to be informed if a follow-up book to ‘Electric Ecologies’ will be published. Titled ‘Electric Context’, this riveting page-turner is now available! The author, Sander Funneman, kindly wrote for the Fulcrum the following note:

After our first book Electric Ecosystem was published, in 2020, many questions came our way from people all over the world. Questions such as “What is the electric ecosystem on Earth connected to, in cosmic terms?” or “Is there an electric side to viruses?”

Although it wasn’t possible to answer all questions, nevertheless we wanted to do something with them and open up more about the electromagnetic side of life. Thus, a new book began to form: Electric Context.

Everything works by electricity and magnetism: cells, humans, insects, lightning, water, the Earth’s magnetic field, the solar system and the Milky Way galaxy. The book shows how electricity connects all life on Earth to a much larger cosmic context. Currently, the natural influence of something important is being overlooked, electromagnetism. In the near future, this influence may have a major impact, for example, on nature, health care and agriculture. In fact, all kind of natural electricity is running through the ecosystem, already for as long as there is life on Earth. This does not only flow underground from tree to tree but, also, connects bacteria to the geomagnetic field, is forming thoughts, feelings and emotions, and connects birds in flocks and fish in schools.

Thus, the whole ecosystem is wired in an electric circuit, that even charges the water in the oceans. As artificial radiation is increasingly used to connect smart cars with smart homes and smart cities, a perfect storm appears on the horizon, because artificial electric fields are beginning to impact the natural ones. Also, the book paints an inspiring and hopeful perspective on all the new opportunities that are opening up in getting to know the electric side of life and its cosmic context. The journey in the book substantiates what is actually happening in the electromagnetic reality – what can we experience about it? What can we do with it? In what way does it shape our future?

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FLYER Book – Electric Context

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