21st Century Leadership – A Little Tribute To the Promise of German Leadership

The German parliament recently passed an intractable vote to completely phase out nuclear energy by 2022. This courageous step may mark the most outstanding act of government level leadership in the 21st century, opening the door to unprecedented, as yet unimagined worlds of new discoveries in both the human and technological dimensions.

Beyond Politics

Some of the motives for this future-shaping decision may well be born of inter-party bickering, dirty politics and power struggles that have absolutely nothing to do with a genuine concern for the future of humanity. There is, however, a high end to this decision that cannot be ignored.

Is it an awakening instinct in the collective consciousness of the German parliament; a compelling knowing instinct that there has to be another way; that at some point a ‘blue line’ must be drawn; to not yield to the magnetising persuasions of the status quo stop-situation gripping the world. There has to be a way to provide for the needs of the world without leaving a wrecked, polluted and devastated planet as our only inheritance to future generations.

The Depth Of The Human Instinct

There is present a deep belief that we have only come to realise a small portion of the human potentiality and the incredible sciences and technologies that it can create and pioneer. In a world governed by vested interests, ‘impossible’ is often a persuasion originating in the minds of those who have much to lose if a different way is discovered. It is time to free the world we live in from the grip of vested interests by liberating the unlimited potential of humanity to explore, discover and innovate.

Out Of The Box, Discovering How Nature Works

One of the necessary mindset transformations that governments must allow is a shift from centralised to decentralised ways of thinking. As an example, where does the idea that we must get our energy from a central grid originate? One of the outcomes of the German revolution willundoubtedly see a sea-change of thinking; with new revolutionary technologies appearing that will enable a house to generate its own energy without producing the pollution of burning fossil fuels. Much of the technology is already here, but the mindset is not.

In intending to lead oneself deeper into the undiscovered unknown of the human opportunity; there comes a point where the way forward requires burning one’s bridges, to leave oneself the one choice that will call out of you the kind of leadership that enables humans to achieve the seemingly impossible that is patiently lying in wait for the awakening of human cognizance, kept dormant by the self-serving agenda-driven mindset of the masters of the status quo.

The Test

The trying test of the German government is to discover futuristic ways to tap into the collective intelligence and talent pool of the German people and other nations, to help lead the world to a new, enlightened age of truly clean energy, including the realisation of how the universe creates energy out of nothingness without destroying and polluting itself, which is its way.

And that enlightened age begins with people connecting to new, clean energies, new intelligence in their own minds by elevating to also discover the next levels of the human possibility.

David Gommé
World Copyright 2011 © David Gommé

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