Living Change

We are all finding ourselves in times of profound inner and outer change which can lead to transformation. Changes the world has never faced and been challenged by, not only in the area of health, but also economy, science, politics, religion, relationships… in nearly all of these areas change and transformation is the only reliable and recurrent vector.

Welcome to the times of change and transformation.

Change is something natural in life, we all witness the changing seasons of the year, a small seed growing into a tree, transforming from a baby into a child and growing to adulthood. Change is an inherent trait in the human design, thereby enabling us to to steer the change from within our lives.

With high value and appreciation to the work with David for over more than a decade, an opportunity has been created to offer a newly created energizing and life transforming engaging workshops.

The Connection Cards Workshops

The newly released Connections Cards bring a new dimension out of the core of human engagement that allows people to connect to what is real and of value for a human life. Qualities are living essences which naturally resonate in the human design, constituting a platform for the future to appear into. These interactive workshops create energetic ecologies that provide the means for new self-discovery, personal growth, and the development of natural human versatility.

The Connection Cards lend themselves to many applications: Enhancing family conversations, spicing up socialising with friends, team-building processes in many contexts, a powerful tool for self-development… If the very idea of developing and growing qualities inspires you, drop me an email at or call at +49 – (0) 2681 98 48 006

Oliver Günzler is an avid researcher of life and the human evolutionary opportunity, with some 25 years of experience in engaging people from all walks of life in conversations, workshops, and seminars, that take place in German and English. The essence of the work originates out of long-standing live research into the causing realms of the human possibility, leading to new approaches to developing natural confidence; especially in the context of setting oneself free to explore one’s full potential to grow and evolve.