We work with you to design processes that deliver clearly established outcomes, contributing to your business goals and people development.

Key Questions

The most important question that we ask new clients – as well as long standing ones – is do you know what you want?

  • What are your greatest current challenges?
  • What is your vision?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the business model and direction of the organization?
  • How are you going about nurturing and fostering your top talent and high potentials?
  • What do you see the greatest needs to be?
  • What kind of leadership is needed?
  • Does the current corporate climate support crucial change processes or needed breakthroughs?
  • What kinds of stress are present within the organization?
  • Does the company culture support the company’s strategy?
  • Does the corporate climate cultivate and support entrepreneurial spirit, new initiatives and break-through thinking?

The Essence of Collaboration

We work with you to create a meticulous roadmap to facilitate you, your team and your business to its next achievement.

  • Strategy, Creativity and Innovation.
  • Real-time Strategic Realignment: Letting the future in through the front door in intelligent response to new opportunities.
  • Which is the one strategy that will achieve the breakthrough?
  • Re-defining business practices and best practices to focus on what really works and allocate precious resources to make it work much better.
  • Defining / Redefining Mission, Vision and Objectives: Are they up to date and as current, meaningful, inspiring and motivating as they can be?
  • Facilitation of Decision Making and NextStep Processes to focus on what will work best and fastest, beyond emotions and personal biases.
  • Empowering workshops to liberate the creative potential and collective intelligence of leading individuals.

Leadership and Teamwork

  • Coaching mission critical teams to help them in creating radical trust, team harmony and forming their three horizons strategy.
  • Coaching team-leaders to help them coach their teams to expedite crucial breakthroughs.
  • Facilitating processes that assist a team to maintain their creative edge and move through real-time challenges.
  • Facilitating updating processes to redefine team agreements, roles, mission, vision, objectives and priorities.

Leadership Development

Customized personal and leadership development programs for your top talent and high potentials.

  • Vantage Point Processes for the board and top leadership structure in the form of a retreat or on-site processes to re-align, re-group, re-master, revitalize, reinvigorate, re-connect, learning new ways, assimilating vital insights.
  • Leadership Development Programs to provide your key people with the most cutting edge leadership tools, insights and methodologies.
  • Personal Growth core elements workshops: By providing the most advanced personal growth methodologies in existence, assisting key individuals in their personal development endeavor, to facilitating those small yet crucial adjustments that enable personal transformation and improvement where it makes a difference.
  • Stress Management for high performers: Crucial insights for emerging leaders about the root causes of stress and the connection between perception and physiology; together with the most effective stress management methodologies.