Keynote & Workshops

We work with you in delivering empowering keynote presentations and focused workshops to help people perceive the nature of radical change in progress and catalyze their personal growth and creative capacity.

The Essence of Human Empowerments

Crisis, change, transition and new opportunities bring out the best of people in surprising and unexpected ways. There is currently an explosion of needs for talented, creative individuals that are pioneering mind-boggling new frontiers in technology and innovation. We combine three decades of groundbreaking R&D, uncommon insights and extensive cross-cultural experience in helping leading individuals to collaborate, grow and innovate.

Workshop Components Sampling

Understanding change: Perceiving the nature and ways of the new epoch ● The newly emerging balance and future of the masculine and feminine leadership outplays ● developing core qualities and core values ● the unseen energy and power dimensions in human affairs ● The foundational building blocks of personal growth ● the foundational ‘Two Egos’ insight ● understanding and managing stress (the silent killer)–The Ten Actors Methodology™ ● developing self-awareness ● developing acute perception ● trends detection and translation ● the dynamics of influence ● setting realistic objectives ●mini-goals and self-tasking – small steps, big impact ● the vital balance between long and short-term objectives ● high-level team dynamics ● the dynamics of intuitive intelligence ● giving and receiving feedback ● inter-personal communication skills ● dealing with diversity ● men and women in leadership ● thinking innovation ● developing one’s unique leadership style ● language as a prime instrument of human development ● resolving conflicts ● complex problem solving ● inter-personal disarming technologies ● diplomacy ● the fundamental principles of developing business acumen ● developing a business model that works for you ● inter-cultural negotiation skills ● connective presentation skills ● behavioral innovation… all in any combination, depending on your exact currency of needs.