The Ten Actors Methodology: A Tool for Life

Acute, debilitating stress is a global epidemic, affecting the lives of billions of people. Up to a point, stress is a necessary part of performing, creating, and achieving. Beyond a certain threshold – this varies between individuals – elevated stress factors become a serious health hazard. Instead of helping humanity into  greater well-being, much of modern technology is one of the major causes of the inexorable increase in a wide-range of stress-related maladies. A large percentage of the worlds population are stress-burnout candidates.

You are likely aware of this from a personal experience, with yourself, with those around you, and through observing what is happening in the world today. A stressed-out human can only bring to bear small segments of their natural potential, thereby driven to deliver more with less; leading to mental fatigue, energetic depletion, and wear and tear at many levels.

There are three main approaches to dealing with stress:

  • Change in lifestyle (such as working less, change of environment, occupational change, change of habits)
  • Stress management practices (meditation, exercise, diet, time out)
  • Addressing its root causes (what this work is about)
Becoming numb to stress

Consider the nature of pressure and stress that may be present in your life. Some of this stress is so deeply engrained in the body, brain, and mind, to a point of being numb to its impact. This is one of the insidious aspects of stress – many of us think it to be a natural part of living, which it certainly isn’t. And then, one day, stress burnout symptoms strike right out of the blue. These have many expressions: Sleep disorders, digestive issues, cardio-vascular irregularities, high blood pressure, energetic depletion, mental fatigue, apathy, to mention a few. The more connected a person to him/her selves, the more one is able to feel and pin-point the cause of these maladies. (Many these days are more deeply connected to the little screens than to themselves)

Do you feel somewhat trapped in a vicious cycle of habitual repetition?

Imagine a more capable you

Imagine a more present and effective you, able to summon to the point of action more of the incredible range of natural capacities – known and dormant – present in the human system. Imagine you being able to dramatically expand your perception thresholds. Imagine a more cognizant you, able to read the finer nuances of what is happening. A more human you, able to feel and sense to a greater extent the nature of struggle that is present in you and those around you. Imagine a vastly more effective, more resilient you, leading yourself and others in ways that create space for new breakthroughs.

This is what The Ten Actors Methodology is about, which is how to  successfully handle pressure and stress by developing one’s natural range and versatility. In so doing, addressing the root cause of excessive stress, which is not knowing how to access and properly use the incredible scope of one’s natural human potential.

Delivered through engaging hands-on, coaching-natured workshops, designed to seamlessly integrate into an organisation’s flow of learning and development – schools, universities, corporate environments, government ministries, crisis teams, team-building processes – or a high-impact stand-alone workshop / series of workshops.

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