Transformational Leadership

The driver of transformational leadership is the ability to perceive reality and opportunity. As a first principle it is not about people but rather about a purpose and a mission. It is then all about the people, because it is the leaders and the people together that put form, life and work into the realisation of a shared cause.

Here are seven key developmental requirements towards becoming an emerging transformational leader:

  • The ability to perceive the truth behind the symptoms in an unbiased way, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.
  • An irrepressible will and passion to play ones part towards the betterment of humanity, no matter how small it may seem to be.
  • The ability to identify the most pressing needs.
  • A sharp instinct for sensing the presence of new opportunities.
  • The ability to create and innovate in constructive – never destructive – contexts.
  • A love of people and the ability to create space for people’s natural genius to be willingly recruited into the vision and the mission.
  • The belief that it can be done and the strength of character to go through the necessary personal development; to be an example and inspirations to others all the way, through thick and thin, until the agreed to shared objective is met in fullness. And then, the ability to start all over again…

The world is in desperate need of transformational leaders. The future beckons.

David Gommé
25 March 2009
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