Thinking Skills – You Become What You Think About

Originally written in 2012, now revised in response to continuing interest and for the many new subscribers.

The two worlds

To understand the natural dynamics of human process, space needs to be created for the fact that humans are simultaneous occupants of two complementary worlds: The seen, material and the unseen, energy worlds. As an example, think body and soul; brain and mind; solid foods and impressions.

While we depend on the material worlds for our physical sustenance, our quality of being is determined by the energies and powers that we process, that constitute the building blocks of our personal growth and evolutionary opportunity.

Eat junk food to experience the after-effects physically and mentally. Process junk energies and impressions to experience their deranging impact.

Personal growth requires the presence of a supporting ecology. To swim, one needs a pool, but not just any pool. Imagine swimming in a swamp as against swimming in a pool of healing spring water. To properly develop one must create in and around oneself nourishing atmospheres. And yes, this is a task that requires dedication and know-how.

Cogito ergo sum

“I think therefore I am” – the philosophical proposition by René Descartes – sums up thinking’s vital role in human existence. Thinking is a multi-dimensional fetching, weaving and blending process: Attraction of energies and powers; connecting to universal frequencies and wavelengths; fetching knowledge; connecting to mental links and associations; connecting to memories; connecting to any combination of programmes and imageries…

One of the great wonders of the brain is it’s potent radionic capabilities, both as a transmitter and a receiver/attractor of natural resonance. This is one of the reasons why when we are connected to another person or group of people, we can just know how they are as the brain is receiving their ‘vibes’. Might this be the quantum mechanics entanglement phenomenon’s expression in human affairs?

A trained person can detect the quality of human thoughts and actions and motivating energies that drive their behaviour – from low to high, from ‘red’ to ‘violet’ nature.

Whenever we engage in a meaningful process, the incoming and outgoing energies carry a ‘resonance signature’. Consequently, the residues of our thoughts and actions are deposited in already existing energy fields that also become our sources of power and ‘patterned intelligence’. Each and their universal ‘savings account’.

Everything returns to the source of its arising. Trash goes to trash; good things compound good things

The universal farmer

So, musicians may connect to energy fields – in and outside of themselves – that host the essences of music, which in turn, may cause and inspire them to compose music variations out of already known patterns. And the same goes for any occupation – from science to art to philosophy to the military to religion… Each with the coded energy fields from which they draw and into which they deposit. Beyond individuals there are whole groups, networks and entire nations that generate signature signals and a great variety of unseen essence formations that progressively become a controlling influence on human thought and behaviour.

Unless, of course, a person or a group of people are venturing into the real unknown of living; into the unwritten, the original; the not yet thought, the not yet composed, the not yet considered, the not yet created; the undiscovered… Into the unexplored worlds of music, science, leadership, religion, art… where no mind has gone before; thereby offering original experiences and discoveries, with dramatic impact into the what next of the human opportunity.

So, who of us is engaging today in original thinking; venturing into and drawing from the real unknown and not yet discovered; rather than engaging in copycatting, expansion and extension processes. Both may be valid, yet quite different in context and process management.

The human is made to explore the unknown – of oneself and the universe. As above, so below…


In developing one’s thinking skills, one of the prime tasks is to expand one’s thinking range: What am I not thinking about that I ought to? What am I not aware of that I need to be aware of? What do I not know that I must know?

It’s the story of the efficient manager who does not know how to think about people’s feelings and struggles; the genius mathematician who does not know how to think about things that cannot be ‘algorithmed’; the leader that does not know how to perceive and think about what is happening; the husband that does not know how to think about his wife’s complex emotions; the wife that does not know how to think about her husband’s need to spend time on his own; people all over the world not knowing how to think constructively and creatively about their differences…

Real thinking is a potent ‘live wired’ process that grows direct connections, fetching new insight from the magnificent blue-oceans of the human possibility. The higher one’s purpose, the more one’s life becomes a building site for a unique self-created cathedral of fine quality compounds and enhanced states of being.

Much in little

The promise of living and the human choice is that in small, one can be anything that one wants to be. It need not be bigger than small because of the potent power concentrates of much in little. We know that, depending on the nature of concentrate, a milligram of a given substance or compound can either kill or enliven. The human may develop to exercise a similar effect in one’s spheres of engagement.

One only needs a little bit of God in them to become a magnet for greatness

It happens, like magic

Think care, to become it. Think any quality, to become it. The more valid the reason, the more potent the outcome. Think long and deep enough about a high purpose to becomes its servant agency, so that when people deal with you, they walk away inspired by the vibes of a great purpose rather than full of someone’s ego.

“You become what you think about” is a living, immortal truth that is both very real and quite inspiring because it says that as human beings we possess amazing capabilities to develop and evolve, together with the gift of choice.

To think it is to create it in oneself in small, yet potent ways. Thus, bit by bit, you become what you think about

David Gommé
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One thought on “Thinking Skills – You Become What You Think About

  1. Amazing read. Thank you so much for sharing and putting into words, my deep thoughts these last few months.
    As much as I try to explain this phenomenon to people, some receive it- while others can’t believe or accept it.
    The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going. – ZeeTheCook

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