The Third Way

How to bring peace into a deeply divided, conflicted, confused world? Is it at all possible? Is there a realistic way forward? Has there ever been a state of peace in the world?

Are you one of the lucky few that are at peace with themselves? Because this is where it begins.

Consider the following story: All religious arising started with the appearance of a saviour bringing moments of new human enlightenment. After the point of origination has gone, all of these arisings strayed away from their originating signal, giving rise to inter-human hostility, from warring factions to brutal bloodshed between different religions, that would turn each of the saviours in their grave. Because if all of those saviours were to gather in one room, what would gather is complementary pieces of the incredible puzzle that makes up the evolving human possibility.

But why did this happen?

The Fulcrum is read by citizens of many nations from around the world. You may be of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Shinto, Buddhist, or some other lineage. Now here is a key question: Are you a human first and then a part of something, or a part of something first and then a human? When humans with different belief systems or cultural backgrounds engage together in whatever context, do they engage as humans with a religious or cultural flavour or a religious/cultural flavour first and human second?

One can argue that being a ‘something’ makes them a better human and of course this may very well be so. However, even then is it not about being a devotedly constructive, not a destructive human? Because anything that influences human beings into destruction cannot be of a Godly origin. God creates, not destroys its own creation.

As evidenced throughout world history, a belief system can be anything from a unifying to a deeply dividing force, from the Samaritan to mass genocides. It is a question of how people handle differences. And handling differences purposively and constructively is one of humanity’s greatest challenges.

What is the purpose of life on earth? Is it to bring about division, competition, and conflict, or it is for each person and group of people to offer the best of themselves and their beliefs, so as to create a collective state of affairs – an ever refining and evolving human ecology – that is greater, better, higher, more developmentally propositional than that of its individual parts?

Humans are like bottles. We quickly get filled with what we process mentally and emotionally. It then becomes a question of energetic compatibility, where loss of purpose translates to anything from benign confusion to the deadly practice of who is right and who is wrong where there is no such thing as right or wrong. Is it not so that what matters most to sane humans is whether what they believe in is put at the service of a bright future for all, where no-one has the full picture but all together share what they know and can do for the future to continue its uninterrupted appearance?

A state of peace can only be come to when humanity engages in high purpose discovery because there is one. How? Through inter-human dialogue that is not inteferred with by the controlling insanity of the few.

How to come to this is an open question, for all of us to ponder at.

With best wishes,

David Gommé
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