The Signature of Leadership

What is the signature of leadership?

The signature of leadership is light. Not the kind of light that emanates from the sun, but the kind of light emanating from a still spiritual flame; stoked by a person’s enlightened beliefs and bright vision.

To the people that look up to them, leaders serve as an illumined spiritual oasis; one that resonates in ways that inspires people to discover their own oasis and in turn, be it unto others.

Leadership charisma

For it to shine bright, a lamp must be connected to a power source. A leader’s charisma shines bright when she or he are connected to the domains of light. Should this sound a bit too ‘up in the air’ intangible, perhaps consider this: Every human being has a little bit of God present in them in the form of the human spirit. Like the finger-prints, each spirit glows in its beautiful uniqueness, thereby defining the spiritual nature of each one of us. When a person is close to and connected to their natural, God-given selves, they are connected to the domains of light. It’s as simple as that.

What do you practice within your daily endeavours to stay close to your developing self?

Thinking skills

How a person thinks is the light-switch of their inner process. It’s a bit like a dimmer, starting with a constructive attitude, building in intensity as one elevates in belief, perception, aspiration and vision.

Do you know how to turn on the lights in your own head?

Lighted beliefs

For a great current example watch the profound change in Manchester United since the arrival of the interim coach. It is like a dark cloud – literally so for those that have the eyes to see – lifted and the team beamed to a band of new light which inspires and liberates them into producing their best football. When in the light, one is lighter in thought and movement, thereby delivering surprising outcomes previously deemed out of reach. And look at their coach, hey, he is smiling, with bright eyes. It’s not just technique – although technique, of-course, has its important place – but even more importantly, the connection to the right kind of constructive beliefs.

A great leader-coach can inspire an average team to do the impossible. An out of sorts leader-coach turns a bunch of geniuses into a confusing mess.

What is the right kind of belief? Because a human being is made to believe in just about anything. One can worship a rock, the devil, a star in the sky, a banana. It is entirely a matter of intelligent or unintelligent choices. One needs to be a well-informed person to fashion a personal belief system that serves as a connective membrane to the higher end of the gradient of the human opportunity and the breath-taking possibilities therein.

What are the core elements of such a belief system? The belief that it can be done. The belief that a human is made to be one’s own person and – as long as one adheres to the way of live and let live – be anything that one wants to be. The belief that the human is made in the image of God; seeking to discover how it manifests in simple ways in daily living. As an example, by developing creative ways to empower and encourage people to give their best.

What are the core elements of your belief system?

Leadership humility

Leaders live in the shadow of greatness; forever seeking to arrive light – rather than heavy – to the next moment, to discover its portent. Leaders serve as skilled ambassadors of bright purposes that inspire and liberate people to produce their best.

Those not part of the dawn of new can only be part of the dusk of old

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David Gommé
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