The Missing Blue

The difference between fate and destiny is that fate decides for you while the idea of destiny propositions an individual with a self-elected choice.

This issue of the Fulcrum forays into the challenging worlds of ethics, posing the question: Why is the subject of ethics such a sore point in human behaviour?

The fields of ethics prohibit the accommodation of grey areas: They are either present as a deeply engraved, integral part of a person’s / organization’s DNA or they are not. Saying that one just did something that conflicts with one’s guiding ethics says that one did not have them for real in the first place. e.g.: “I can assure you that causing all that pollution is against my ethics and core values” Perhaps swap ‘ethics and core values’ with ‘the fate of confused interests’?

The blue intelligence
The instinctive intelligence is one of the Five Intelligences that combine to enable human engagement; the other four being the Thinking, Doing, Emotional and Creative intelligence.

The instinct is part of the natural technology and power gradient that characterizes the human make-up. It also has its own gradient, with the fight-flight instincts living at the low end and the spiritual instincts at the high end.

The higher instinct is the cradle of the consciousness of right and wrong differentiation, which at the core is a deeply spiritual state of knowing. To perceive the essence of ethics, we need to turn our focus to one of the most powerful words in the dictionary: Choice.

Ethics consciousness is given rise to by the destiny making worlds of choice dynamics. The upholding of choice and the acceptance of the responsibility that it calls for is a powerful act of self-affirmation, born out of an ever-evolving perception of what it means to be human. Note that choice is home to both ‘yes’ and ‘no’: The character of an individual being a product of what one says yes to and what one says no to.

Is it not so that when you are about to do something that you know you shouldn’t, that you do not need to even think about it to know it’s not right – that you instantly know and feel it? This is the instinct in action.

Freezing the ethics consciousness out of one’s life is the outcome of having become tone-deaf to the cry of one’s higher instincts

The corrupting power of gain and loss
When did gain and loss first invade the universe of human thought and behaviour? We shall leave this question for another discussion, but the overbearing impact of gain and loss and the fear, pressure, and stress that surround it engrave by repetition the corrosive habits that drown the voice of the higher instinct in the swamps of gain and loss and the erosion of ethics consciousness.

This is the VW story and the story of big corporates: Cut-throat competition, greed of gain and compounding fear of loss, masked by dubious ‘core values’, leading to reckless schemes and unviable strategies, brought to life by people suffering awareness blackouts especially where it concerns the long-term prospects of the world around them.

All great powers throughout history rise and fall on the swords of gain and loss

Let’s use this opportunity to go a little deeper, to the root of the problem
The root of the problem?  The human race as a whole has never embarked upon a serious purpose discovery process and the writing of a unifying constitution. Considering the state of the world, this is, of course, a far-fetched dream. Imagine for a moment a world living inside of the cover of a universal constitution and a collective mission where inter-personal respect and freedom to practice one’s do no harm beliefs are foundational to the process. From today’s perspective, this contemplation is a pie in the sky. However, there are certain subtle seeding trends in play here and now that hold the promise of this proposition alive. One of the many symptoms of these subtle trends is the emergence of the ‘Eighth Continent’ – the various social networks that enable individuals from all corners of the world to speak out and be heard.

In observing world history through the perspective of the SEAT of progress – the SEAT being Standards, Ethics and Attitude – the absence of a universal constitution and collective mission created a global state of affairs of unharnessed freedom of choice and a SEAT Tower of Babel.

The first nation to pluck out the courage and will to update its constitution and declare its mission – beyond the economy dimension – will become the leading light in ushering a new era in human affairs 

Making space for the missing blue
What is being alluded to here is that the erosion in ethics consciousness – the consciousness that compels people to seek the path of righteousness as the only choice – is the outcome of loss of purpose. The human race as a whole is in a state of disconnect, leading to wild-west style interpretations of right and wrong.

When individual minds become a law unto themselves, enslaving others to their whims by the deployment of ‘red’ power, gain and loss and fear banish the ‘blue’ dimension which anchors the SEAT of progress.

However, when present, ‘blue’ power is vastly superior to ‘red’ power. The question being: When and how will a circumstance arise that would create the space for the ‘missing blue’ to gain dominion in human affairs and be the leading light?

What would happen if a magical ice-cube that would not melt would be thrown into the ocean..? What would be the impact on the world of a declared network of incorruptible individuals..? 

David Gommé
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