The Intelligence of Stillness

An evolving ecology or process cannot exist in a state of equilibrium. It’s either building or slowing momentum; expanding or contracting; growing or diminishing.

A properly led human ecology, however, would create the space for well-timed, deliberate balancing time-frames; where a process is guided to a state of dynamic stillness – dynamic in the sense of not frozen – to allow for re-evaluation, re-consideration, re-assessment, re-alignment, proper rest and revitalization and where needed, redirection.

A little  exercise in utopia

Let’s do a telling exercise: Imagine the 21st century declaring a collective three-day holiday. Yes, everyone has a fully paid three-day off together. Happening tomorrow.

Should this totally utopic scenario unfold in the real worlds, it may well be the end of the 21st century – it will simply implode and fold up. Because in those three days of complete stillness, the truth of its impossibly complicated situation will rear its head with overwhelming glorious impact; throwing humanity into havoc and next to that, a delicious unknown that it is not educated to handle materially, psychologically and spiritually.

While this exercise is a bit simplistic, it nevertheless points to a telling reality.

Most people alive who are in a situation to think beyond the exigency of their next breakfast would likely relish the 21st century taking a break. To deliberate, reassess and re-evaluate. Is this the kind of world we want to leave behind to future generations, especially in the context of its core values? Is there, perhaps, another way? These questions are in the air, haunting the minds of many.

The quest for stillness

Enters a growing world trend: The quest for stillness. People looking for a quiet moment; to empty their crowded heads from the incessant pounding of a runaway culture, to experience the atmospheres of quietude and stillness and the space to think about what really matters; what is important, what really makes a difference.

Because what the 21st century cannot do, many can do on their own account. To create the space to experience the harmonies of stillness and its attending intelligence.

When a human being occupies the space of quiet stillness, especially in their head, a whole raft of fresh experiences washes through one’s being: Deeper self-awareness; enhanced sensory perception; greater sensitivity; a closeness to oneself and to the universe; the presence of new energies; impartial perspectives; uninterrupted contemplations; to name a few.

The merging and blending of these experiences attract and augment the intelligence of stillness. The stories of great people and great creatives and innovators throughout history reveal that they all share one key trait: Their affair with stillness and quietude; where they connect and give birth to new discoveries, revolutionary ideas; exceptional work and new knowledge.

Leadership wisdom

A wise leader knows how to create the space and context for people to step into the domains of stillness; to explore, discover, create, innovate and revitalise. There are many ways to make this quest a part of an organization’s culture. Starting with perceiving the immense value of this practice.

A noisy pitch is not known to ignite the spirit of innovation

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