The Future of Volatility

There is so much hope for a better world living in each one of us, collectively amounting to an ocean of hope. And yet, there are things that seem to stand in the way, like the increasing volatility that keeps rearing its head, a little more every day. Global conflicts, the economy, the unpredictability of human behaviour, how bursts of insanity of the few determine the fate of the many.

What is causing this volatility? What is its message? How extreme will it get? The uncomfortable truth is that it is just ‘warming up’. There is much worse to come, especially for those who meet its lower manifestations. Meet it at the right level to experience the elevating draft from the wide open window of opportunity to develop and evolve the like of which the world has never seen.

One of the tasks at hand is to not fall asleep to the mind-numbing speed of change and especially its meaning and significance. So before we delve into the reason why, let’s expand a little on a few of the wide-ranging volatility symptoms: Speeds, unpredictability, and out of control extremes.


This is to do with accelerating events, such as the speed of change, the evolution of modern technology, how humans communicate – “I texted him a whole two minutes ago and there is still no response”, the velocity of new world trends, the decreasing shelf-life of high-tech….


Suddenly, there is a furious, raging war in Ukraine that is impacting humanity at many levels. Suddenly, a new virus strain is bringing the world to its knees. Suddenly, insane tyrants are threatening humanity with nuclear destruction. Suddenly, the world is not as it was only a short while ago…

Out of control extremes

The speed of loading of new energies is such that unless contained by self-awareness, small issues can flare in a blip; where whatever is out of balance in human affairs is rapidly powered to a point of uncontrolled blow-offs that are increasing in frequency of occurrence. You are likely aware of this from your intimate experiences with yourself and others.

By now you may be taking note of the deep connection between the three highlighted symptoms. I am sure you can take this from here with numerous anecdotes from your own experience and observations.

Why is this happening?

Consider an orchestra playing a set piece. The conductor, the orchestra, the music, all combine to produce a meaningful succession of tunes. Such as a slow, subtle, semi-muted, distant melody that artfully builds in pace and power, producing a wondrous blend of captivating sounds. Where does the force emanating through the orchestra come from ? What is the conductor connected to? What part of it comes from the inside and what from the outside, for the two to meet in such a way so as to produce a powerful, deeply moving experience?

In this analogy, searching humans are the orchestra, the conductor is not a single individual but inspired minds detecting the nature of today’s energetic flow present ‘in the air’, while engaging in the thrilling process of one’s life being part of the  unfinished symphony of human development.

What all this is trying to say is that evolution – a non-linear energetic event that is arriving from elsewhere, not a carry-over from our yesterdays – is increasing in tiny steps every day; every so often going through an octave change. We live in truly incredible times that call for a new form of readiness, that by analogy, is preparing to meet a future delivering 10,000 energetic Octane in comparison to 95 Octane that we have been programmed to process in past times. Using this analogy, it is already well beyond the 100, increasing every day.

Where is it going?

To what end? you may ask. This question cannot be approached with a linear mindset. The planet’s energetic ecology is in the process of changing and so is the nature of human process. Have you noticed that many around you are feeling the need for change, and for a new way forward?

The growing volatility is destabilising the holding patterns of the 21st century, throwing the world’s administrations – from stock exchanges to governments – into increasing chaos. And no, the writer is not a dooms-day merchant – just a keen observer of world trends. As we continue to advance into this looming unknown, the only way to develop a much needed stability is through the process of personal development, with a collective of responsive individuals constituting an isle of sanity in a world that has long lost its way.

Being prepared

How to prepare for this eventuality? The answer, once more, is personal development. Those who search find a way. There are no experts in the unknown, thereby calling for a discovery conversation between those who care. Because the possibility exists for there to be a bright future for future generations beyond our wildest dreams.

This really is just scratching the surface of the tidal wave of change…

With best wishes,

David Gommé

World Copyright 2022© David Gommé

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