The Change Enigma

There is an all-pervading natural law in the universe that concerns cycles. It has numerous expressions at many levels – the in and out-breath energizing of the body, the alternations between rest and action, daily routines, the stock exchange, moods, the four seasons, day and night, the motion of the planets, the birth and decay of stars and galaxies… And then, there is not a planetary, but a universal change of season that repeats once every few thousand years that appears as a wave of fresh energies, cleansing away the old, to instigate and enable new beginnings (about which much has been written in previous Fulcrums).

Universal silver rains

Call this new season what you like. The thing is that it is now present and in the process of advancing deeper into the thick of its cycle. The energies it brings are a bit like water in an energy manifestation, without which land – in this case the lands of the human opportunity – becomes barren, seeds will not fertilize, and life’s processes would become stale to the point of arrested. These are potent energies with intelligence – a universal silver rain – profoundly influencing organic life and the planet’s electro-magnetism. The evolution of the human potentiality is directly connected to the fertilizing and energizing impact of this new energy wave. You may or may not be able to easily relate to it in terms of feelings and sensations, but much that is happening in and around us is caused by its energizing influence, at many levels, because it powers all and everything in its wake – the good, the bad and the ugly.

It is looking for fertile ground

Now here is a stranger than fiction aspect of what is happening: While it rains on all equally, in its own strange way it is looking for fertile ground. The greatest fertile ground opportunity exists in the only fully conscious beings, those with the gift of making intelligent choices – human beings. Especially the unfixed aspects that exist within the human in the form of dormant and awakening potentiality – talents, capabilities, capacities to develop and evolve in ways that boggle the mind.

However, to do that, it needs to access a ‘vacant’ human being, like a clean, empty cup waiting for tea to be poured into. It cannot fertilize attachments – ‘things’ – that live in human beings, because those ‘things’ or attachments are already fixed and set in their ways. It seeks to fertilize the vulnerable, the open, the seeking – vulnerable not in the context of weak but in the context of not resisting progress, engendered by the one influence that has no agenda other than human evolution in its purest, most constructive manifestation.


Now consider for a moment the welcoming party that new universal evolutionary influences receive here on Earth: “I am an atheist, you do not really exist where I am concerned”; “I am too busy obsessed with a little screen”; “If I can’t Google you, you do not exist”; “I am – fill the space – so you can only access my system through this thing that already defines what and who I am”; “I cannot openly acknowledge you because if I do, I will be severely punished”…

There are of course those that seek to be open to the future in ways that do not colour its outlook, in recognition of the fact that there lies the greatest hope and promise for a bright future for all.

The timeless meeting the worlds of deadlines

These new energy waves originate in timeless realms that have no stress, pressures, pain, and deadlines, meeting a world imbued with incessant demands upon people to be something, to do something, day in, day out. For those who can, learning to side-step the demands of the 21st century and create space for the future is one of the greatest developmental tasks and challenges.

Good things come in small packages

Regarding its impact – it is in little things. Finding oneself empowered to be a little bit more kind, considerate, self-aware, mindful, caring, loving, appreciative, creative, daring, courageous, persisting, insisting, curious, questioning… Good things come in small packages. Like gentle waves washing upon the seashore, so does the future, bit by bit… It is an inner connection that each one of us experiences and perceives in one’s unique way and style.

The inner connection

And there is another thing to be aware of, which is that these fresh, intelligent energies and powers access the human through the unconscious thereby causing a constant evolution of tiny little changes in the human system. The question being: To what degree are we connected to what is happening in us?

Pay attention to what is happening in you – those little nudges may bear a far greater significance than your conscious awareness may be registering from within the daily intensity.

“Those who are not part of the spirit of the time may only be part of its misery”

With best wishes,

David Gommé

World Copyright 2021© David Gomme

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  1. I’m very impressed by all you’ve written here, both the connected content as well the quality of the writing itself.
    Very relevant and reasonable. Your words carry the potential to reach and move those people who are open to what you portend. As always, ever an invitation to wake up and live.

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