The Case With Stress

A first Fulcrum podcast:

  • What is stress?
  • What is the difference between handling and coping with its symptoms to dealing with its root causes?
  • A practical introduction to the Ten Actors Methodology – how to learn to manage stress by becoming a more effective human across the whole spectrum of living.

This is a 40 minute podcast, a bit concentrated, for those looking to understand and address the root causes of stress, and approach stress management by developing their natural versatility and personal effectiveness. It therefore needs a bit of quiet space, and perhaps to be listened to more than once.

The Case With Stress

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2 thoughts on “The Case With Stress

  1. Excellent input on stress and its first condition to handle the speeds of your personal life and systems which is not always that easy to change. Thank you, David – spot on and a relevant assistance which has been made with this Fulcrum. This lead I shall return to again.


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