The 51% Rule

There are two ways to want something:

1. To want it in a way that achieves it.
2. To want it in a way that does not achieve it.

In the first way, one really, really wants it. In the second, one doesn’t really want it even if he or she say they do.

Having a deep desire, a bright vision and a compelling story; not taking no for an answer; being unfazed by ‘failure’; making up one’s mind to get there no matter what; carrying a deep belief and conviction; seeking unconventional approaches – all of these make up 51% of the outcome before one even begins.

“To get gold, one must first have a bit of gold”. The 51% Rule says that if the conditions that support achieving an outcome are in place in a person or a group of people, the remaining 49% is doing whatever needs to be done for it to materialise.

Nothing can stand in the way of a labour of love – provided that what is desired exists within the universe’s spheres of possibility. Humans, however, have the magical capacity to push the universe’s envelope of possibilities deep into the unknown.

The magical power of the human system

The space occupied by a human being is a meeting point of the seen and unseen worlds. We have physical organs and energy organs; physical systems and energy systems. We have a liver, a heart, a brain, a nervous system; and we have emotions, instincts, a mind, a soul, a spirit, an aura. Next to that, every physical organ and system in the body has its unseen/energy dimensions. It is a wise person that seeks to imbue their system with high, rather than low, energies. The way to achieve this is through bringing one’s life into alignment with a greater, rather than a lesser, cause.

Natural alignment is spoken of in many of the Fulcrum writings. The human can be aligned to a great cause or to a lesser or even evil cause. It’s a matter of personal choice.

The higher the personal or group alignment – think people on a mission – the more coherent, cohesive and intact the inner theme that drives the person or group. The greater the inner cohesion, the more powerful and compelling the attraction of the power networks and energy enzymes that catalyse the desired outcome and more.

An intact, constructive intention is an irresistible magnet to all good things in the form of high powers and energies that the human may tap into.

It’s a matter of making up one’s mind, getting one’s act together and being the author of the story of one’s success. Leaders inspire others into writing their (collective) story.

Paying attention

Did you notice that the more you want something, the more you pay attention? To small things, to people and what they say, to little clues, to little changes in trends and behaviour. Because the bigger the want, the greater the new discovery opportunity and paying attention keeps you on track.

How one wants something and where he or she comes from in themselves determines the outcome

David Gommé
World Copyright 2018© David Gommé

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