Superiority, Inferiority, and The Third Way

There is hardly a person alive that would not be able to relate to the concepts of superiority and inferiority complexes from the standpoint of personal experience – with oneself and with others. This podcast touches upon one of the prime causes of these syndromes, shedding light on the ‘escape route’ into The Third Way.

It is offered to assist those of us looking for new ways forward, which seems to be a new world movement in the making.

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6 thoughts on “Superiority, Inferiority, and The Third Way

  1. Thank you David . it was not only a pleasure to listen to it but also a good development exercise. with regards, Hanna

  2. Fijne podcasts om belangrijke zaken weer eens onder de loupe te nemen. Dank je wel David. Warme groet Lidy Verweij

  3. Hello David, and thank you for shining a light on a very traumatic pattern in human life. These patterns seem to repeat themselves through generations for males as well as females. And your offerings through “fishing and getting hold of equipment to self-help” keeps me in the loop of working my own life towards freedom and space to be and to do.

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