The Power Of Human Imagination

Unless trained otherwise, the thinking processes use references sourced from what we already know. The challenge in facing the unknown is to be able to think in such a way so as to not impose irrelevant references on an event that may be originating from the unknown and the not experienced.

Fetching From The Future
Learning to use the imagination in ways that create mind environments not subject to history creates in the mind a space for new perceptions and new ideas. This is the enduring message of the StarTrek series, where out of left field creative imagination inspired real scientific breakthroughs. One example being the MRI scanner, inspired by the little ‘scanning healing device’ that was being waved about over bodies in the StarTrek sick ward.

The Imagination is a Powerful Catalyst
Humans were riding horses and chariots for thousands of years. Suddenly, within a space of 100 years, they found themselves building spaceships. A spaceship is not a natural, linear progression from a chariot era. Having no boundaries, human imagination can work from any time dimension. Training the imagining is a real, exciting, highly rewarding science – an indispensable, catalytic asset to our natural creative impulse. Especially when deployed in adhesion to a constructive principle.

Developing the Imagination
Here is an exercise: Take a moment to imagine a solution to the worlds energy problems. Cut lose, let your mind fly. What are you getting? Is it a little crazy? Think again – there may be more to it than you may realize. By the way, when asked this question, many contemplate nuclear fusion. Imagine a tiny generator providing your home’s energy needs to the point of complete independence from the power grid. The technology for this exists. The reason for it being kept under wraps is, yes, you got it, it will take power away from the establishment. Think about it.

Let’s reduce the size of the challenge to something a little bit more manageable: Imagine a solution to a problem that you are currently facing. If you are doing it right – with enough inner freedom, that is – you may be getting inspiring clues and energies.

Whenever we create a space for it, another bit of the undiscovered transforms into a snippet of attainable reality. Every day has its new opportunities.

27April 2010
World Copyright © David Gommé

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