Personal Evolution: Space, the Ever-Expanding Frontier

As we approach the New Year, here is a little ‘projection catalyst’

We exist in an ever-expanding universe, where space is being constantly created seemingly out of nothing. And space is not empty: It accommodates what science refers to as the mysterious ‘dark matter’ or energy that may hold the solution to humanity’s energy challenge.

When people hold you in high regard, they create a space for you in themselves that enables you to then occupy a much greater space outside of you. ‘The sum of the whole being greater than that of the individual parts’ holds sway in our life in weird and wonderful ways. The more people think well of you, the greater the sum of the whole in terms of space and subsequently, the freedom to do, to lead, to influence. This also translates into the availability of the inflow of empowering good energies.

One of the tasks of leadership is to create space for all that is good and to diminish the space for all that is not. It starts with self-leadership: How much space we create in ourselves for what we want. The greater the space, the greater the freedom to learn, explore and discover. The human is a natural born creator. “As above, so below” – the act of creating space brings us into synchronicity with what is happening in the universe, which in turn powers our intentions by connecting us to superior intelligence.

Today, here and now, is our time; the time where we can make a difference. The world is a very crowded place. There is hardly a piece of land around us that does not already belong to someone. Most of the thoughts that replay in our minds are recycled debris from history. And yet, in the mental and spiritual realms, all that has happened so far is but a tiny spec in relation to all that has not happened, to all that is possible.

Being human, we are granted the natural ability to create in and around ourselves new space in which the future may happen. This is one of the most profound aspects of living. Because each one of us is so unique and different, our individual ability to create new space – a whole, unique, phenomenally intricate, fascinating essence weaves and tapestries that make up our personally designed micro universe – is limitless. In this space appear, seemingly out of nothing, new ideas, new intelligences, new ways of doing things… a new self in the making.

There is the world that we know much about that we call ‘history’ and the world that we know little about, that is called ‘future’. We live in time of transition between these two worlds, where a new world is now in the process of gradually appearing that is not a direct follow-up of history. Many of the solutions to the world problems, to the seemingly unsolvable crisis that is now engulfing us from all directions, may well reveal themselves from within the expanding space of the new world.

Such will be the moment where someone, somewhere, may discover how to harvest limitless clean energy in non-polluting ways by understanding how the natural manifestation of fusion works in the universe. It will happen as a product of new ways of thinking and holistic personal development that addresses the whole spectrum of the human possibility that is in the process of being revealed, bit by bit.

Natural fusion is happening in our own mind without us realizing it. When two good thoughts combine; when we have a great conversation with someone with whom we share ‘same-same’ feelings and fundamentals; when we spend time with someone with whom we have great ‘chemistry’, when we engage in sharing inspiring ideas – whenever these moments happen in our life two complementary powers mix and ‘fuse’ in such a way as to produce the effect of ‘the sum of the whole is greater than that of the individual parts’ and we walk away from the experience energized and enhanced. It is so simple, yet so profound.

An important part of our mission in life is to create the space into which we can grow, materially, mentally and spiritually and help others do the same. This process is both an art and a science. There is a universe of new – possibilities, ideas, concepts, ways, approaches – waiting to be discovered in the unique space that your life occupies. Find a way to expand the space envelope of your own future. Push, persist, insist, try again. Do it wisely, boldly, sensitively, be silly, be clever, be anything that you need to be, for yourself and others, as long as it’s decent.

Because our time is now and our life begins from now.

David Gommé
World Copyright 2011 © David Gommé

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