Personal Breakthrough Dynamics: Creating One’s Philosopher’s Stone

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Being the dream of alchemists, the philosopher’s stone – the legendary alchemical substance capable of turning base metals into gold – is mostly referred to in a material worlds context. There is, however, a higher context to it, pointing to the magical human ability to self-develop and refine in ways that attract, merge and combine high energies and powers from the whole spectrum of the human opportunity. Thus, each person creating essence formations that are the person’s uniquely coded philosopher’s stone.

Part One: Seven Key Awareness Pathways
  1. Where you come from in yourself determines the level and depth of your connection.
  2. The reason why you do what you do determines the power quality of your actions.
  3. Your behaviour trains people how to treat you.
  4. Visualising an outcome in small creates space for it to appear in fullness.
  5. Not minding being imperfect liberates you from self-judgment and the judgment of others.
  6. Drawing close to your true self keeps you from getting lost in other people’s complicated mazes.
  7. Integrating long-term permanent line practices into your daily routine reaps untold benefits.
Part Two: “Aw-shucks, not again…”

The Scenery
You made up your mind. You are resolutely decided. You know how you will present yourself at the point, in that important meeting that you are about to walk into. You will be clear, lucid, engaging and to the point. You will speak your mind, but not foolishly so. You will engage eye-ball to eye-ball. You will make your case in a way that communicates strength, conviction and sound reasoning. You will listen and pay attention to what is happening and to what people are trying to communicate. You will do so with ease, good balance and good humour.

The hijack moment
You walk away from the meeting, realizing that, well, it went okay but not as you would have wished and projected it to be. Reflecting with a measure of self-admonishment that you were too tense, not listening properly and that you only half-made your case and not with the required lucid clarity, balance and conviction.

Should the descriptive of this specific case study not fit you but the nature of event does, adjust the story to fit your experience. Because what is important is the point that is being made rather than the specific imagery vehicle that is being used.

The feeling of frustration is then amplified by the knowing belief that you can be so much better.

In short, the best of you was, yet again, hijacked by something lesser that although present in you, is not the real you and has taken root in you by misplaced 21st-century experience.

How to deal with these inner syndromes? Because it does not have to be this way. Even if an individual is highly successful, he or she can still be so much better in some neglected growth aspect that may be far more important than they may realise, overlaid by the clouds of ‘success intoxication’.

Never engage in self-punishment. Only self-correction.

Part Three: The Task

Your task is to starve the ‘hijacking inner culprits’ to extinction by ceasing to feed them with repetitions. Examples of ‘inner culprits’: Fear of criticism and authority; falling prey to the perfectionism syndrome; the conformity syndrome…

Let’s pick up on the conformity syndrome to push a little deeper. To what degree do you keep adjusting your thinking and behaviour to conform to other people’s real or imagined expectations? How deep does this run in you? Like most other inner syndromes, it likely roots to your first 12 years, where such unnatural mindfulness takes hold in people’s lives.

So, when you are about to make a decision that is important to your future, someone’s ghost – or a whole bunch of them – turn up in your mind to try to hijack your precious opportunity to be a self-determining individual.

Taking this to another level is an awareness of what invades the space between the real and the unreal you. When, for whatever reason, a person produces acts that are not genuine, it creates a space that attracts mental pollution. So, developing self-awareness must extend to intercepting self-deception before it hijacks one’s thought processes and subsequent actions.

The Side-Step
The way to deal with these inner syndromes – of which there are numerous variants – is by integrating the simple yet potently effective Side-Step practice: Whenever you feel an ‘inner hijack’ moment approaching – these syndromes are mostly brain-based – take a side-step in the sense of swiftly mentally moving away from the hijacking metaphysical ‘electromagnet’ and decide what you will have yourself think and radiate into the moment.

Ask yourself: What does it call for? What can I generate into it from the best of me? Let the bigger person in you answer and then proceed by making a tiny little super effort to become the need, whatever the need is: Wisdom; sincerity, good humour, logic, patience; compassion; constructive feedback; clear-cut decision and action; understanding; firm leadership…

The 24 hours rule
People’s development is arrested by limiting habits. And old habits die hard, don’t they?

To overcome a habit and develop new skills, one needs a success. When one gets a success, one then has something to work with – success calls for success; success leads to success.

Let’s make this a little more personal, moving from ‘one’ to ‘you’.

Your task is to get a success in something that is important to you, something that you must overcome, within a period of 24 hours. Examples: Communicating your point with lucidity, confidence and conviction; paying close attention to little nuances; listening with the whole of you…

Did we mention discipline..?
Develop the discipline to lead yourself to actually do it. It matters not how small it may be. What is important is to get a success. Once you get that success, maintain the way and frequency and mindset of it – stay with it, be with it, dwell on it – for 24 hours. Do whatever you need to do to complete a 24-hour cycle of occupying the success wavelength.

When you have accomplished that, something quite magical onsets in your life: You have just given birth to another building block of your uniquely coded philosopher’s stone. It may already be so for you, this practice may not be new, perhaps the task is to bring it to a new level of resilient practice self-awareness.

Learn to use natural cycles to power your personal growth

Part Four: One’s Philosopher’s Stone and Personal Magic

Small successes lead, by accruement, to big successes. When you get a success because this is what you self-elected and decided to do and to be – especially in the context of developing a quality of being – you create in yourself something quite special that no-one can take away from you. It is yours to win, to keep, to grow and to nurture.

The compound of your successes and personal development together form your philosopher’s stone. Depending upon the scope of your perception and depth of self-knowledge and self-awareness, you can use it to create in many different contexts: Building relationships; leadership; innovation; composition; contemplations; meditation; self-discovery; self-development…

So, what does success mean to you? Arguably, a person’s greatest success is living life to the full, unrestricted by silly norms and irrelevant paradigms.

The closer a person is to themselves, the more present their personal magic, exercised through their resilient resolve to give their best.

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What is the context of your endeavour? There are those whose life revolves around the idea of serving a higher cause. Those people hold the belief that the higher the cause, the more becomes revealed to them about the purposes of living and the human opportunity therein.

Each person in the mystery and magic of their uniqueness.

When connected people engage in a conversation, the universe listens

David Gommé

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