Global Warming Through Human Development

With the right knowledge and know-how, personal development is a remarkable non-linear journey, engendering exciting outcomes. This Fulcrum offers some food for thought by highlighting the deep connection between the nuclear physics of human development and global warming.

Fusion and Fission: Create or Destroy?

1. Nuclear fission: “the splitting of an atomic nucleus resulting in the release of large amounts of energy”. Thus, energy through controlled destruction of a violent nature.

2. Nuclear fusion: “The union of atomic nuclei to form heavier nuclei resulting in the release of enormous quantities of energy when certain light elements unite” Thus, energy created through the ‘marriage’ of sub-atomic particles.

Atom-to-atom, the energy produced by fusion is massively greater than the energy produced by fission. In short, the technology of creating by the fusion of the right elements together, under certain conditions, is vastly superior to that of producing energy by violent destruction.

Changing from fission to fusion requires a fundamental mindset transformation

Modern science is yet to translate fusion theories and early-stage attempts into economically viable technologies. Next to scientific and engineering brilliance, modern science is also yet to wake up to the fact that grasping the full potential and implications of nuclear fusion requires radical developmental elevation.

The human DNA has become engraved with a way of thinking that resorts by default to producing energy through heat-generating, consuming and polluting technologies that were never meant to exist in the first place. Consider a future with electric cars: They still needs charging and to charge two billion electric cars raises the need for Uranium and nuclear power stations. To correctly deal with global warming and turning parts of the planet to nuclear wasteland, the 21st century has got to shift to a way of thinking that embraces the universal principle of nuclear fusion.

Look at the universe and the inconceivably powerful nuclear processes that it accommodates: When brought under examination of the strictest metrics, there is no trace of it polluting itself in the process of promulgating its own continuance.

Cold nuclear fusion is part of the natural design of the human spiritual make-up

Fusion and fission in human behaviour

To understand a person’s behaviour, he or she must be considered in the bigger context of the circumstance in which they operate. Being driven to deliver results regardless of personal cost and consequences resembles the way of nuclear fission: Delivering an outcome by way of generating heat and controlled destruction of well-being and longer-term opportunities.

Let’s focus on the ‘green energy’ universe. You will be hard pressed to find an example of a solution – be it solar, hydrogen-powered engines or whatever – that does not create a new breed of long-term environmental pollution issues. It’s not about a solution but rather a relative solution – less polluting than the one it replaces. It’s a constant ‘lose – lose’ from humanity’s long-term perspective.

The other, diametrically opposed way is that of ‘win-win’, which has become a cliché rather than the true elected way of this world. So, win-win for the human-planet relationship; win-win for a person-to-person interaction; win-win for the short and the long-term. How does it work? What principles are involved? Can it be achieved?

Fusion in human affairs: It’s a win-win all the way

It’s quite simple: Lose-Lose – the way of fission. Win-Win – the way of fusion.

It starts in each one of us, in what we really want. In our views, desires, inspirations, struggles, thoughts, ideas, intentions and the reasons why we do what we do. The key is in insisting to adhere to the constructive principle. To add value, quality and meaning into what we do and to the world around us. To persist in creating in ourselves a home for cool, constructive processes and what these proccesses attract – in terms of powers and ideas – from the high energy worlds.

This is the birthplace of the real solution for global warming and much more

The way of fusion as an experiential practice

When we imbue our spheres of influence with well-meaning, constructive thoughts and responses, the merging and blending of these inner influences and good energies may reach critical-mass moments that give birth to highly causative, potent new energies. Which is where the inter-personal fusion process gradually generates a snow-ball effect, thereby becoming perpetually active and powerfully causative in unexpected ways in human affairs.

Through the maintenance of elevating repetition and refinement, human generation – the human nuclear process, if you like – creates a perpetuum mobile of enhancement and development across a wide spectrum of human engagement. From well-being and high energy levels to radically new perceptions about the higher purposes of science and technology. Not to pollute; to only enhance – it’s a radical paradigm shift.

So warmth and patience add and combine to create in us a new-born outcome of a new quality or value, that when merged with good intention and kindness gives birth to something else, that when combined with patience and wisdom engenders a new state of mind and being… New, fresh processes adding to new, fresh processes.. Each person contributing from one’s special way and uniqueness.

The human mind is a fusion generator

Achieving a state of union with a higher purpose

Think of the powerful energies that get released when a person achieves a state of fusion with their purpose and destiny. Or when a man and a woman are in love, which is yet another state of fusion between two sets of feelings, emotions, qualities and aspirations. Or the state of fusion between a person and what they love doing – music and the musician; mathematics and the mathematician; a gardener and the garden; a farmer and the field and so on.

Team dynamics also come into play, where fusion energies are a product of the well-known motto: “The sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts”.

It is a profoundly simple principle that when applied with know-how, leads to transformational outcomes.

There is, of course, much more to this, but I shall leave it at that for now with the hope that it offers a thought provoking perspective to the burning issue of global warming and the developmental transformation that is critically needed to usher in a new epoch and a bright future that hopefully is to be our inheritance to future generations.

We are looking here at process dynamics that radically rewrite the world’s DNA of time and again resorting to the way of fission, at many levels – from technology to human behaviour to politics.

A truly constructive mindset is morally and ethically unable to travel the route of creating polluting technologies

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David Gommé
Originally published: March 2009. Updated: June 2019
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