The Gap That Won’t Go Away

Do you carry with you wherever you go the nagging perception of a gap that no matter what you do, won’t go away? Such as the gaps between what you think is happening and what is really happening; what you are aware of and what you seek to be aware of; what you know and what there is to know…

Gaps indicate movement
Gaps never form in static situations – widening gaps require the presence of motion generating forces. In order for us to understand what occupies the spaces filling those gaps – as there is no such thing in life as an energy vacuum – we need to become aware of the nature of dynamic forces that are causing it as well as the ecology in which it happens.

What are these forces? Where do they come from? Why is it happening? Where is it going?

Universal updates
That’s right. Just like Windows, IOS or Android system updates. The universe has its ways of generating ‘system updates’ but here it’s about the human system. It’s a very real event happening here and now, to each one of us, in ways that range beyond the conception of the perception limitations ruling the 21st century.

Curiously, as significant an event as it is, you won’t find it featuring in the headlines. You see, it’s too ‘soft’ a subject. There is no bang for the buck aspects and also no scoop factor attached. The news of some pervert hacking nude pics – an act of robbery just like breaking into a house – is getting pretty much the same space as a hurricane coming your way. We live in a world gone seriously out of balance. Most people around you are too pressed getting somewhere in a hurry with little space for more.

How does it happen..?
At this point you may be asking: How do universal downloads happen? What universal technology is in play? Is there something like a universal WiFi that my mind is attune to?

In short – as this is clearly a big subject – part of the answer lies in the study of resonance. If you are a musician, you know that when you make a tuning fork resonate by hitting something with it and you then hold right next to it an identical still tuning fork, it will start resonating as well. When you meet someone with a smile on your face, most people will smile back. The laws of resonance have multiple expressions throughout the universe, from the fixed robotic worlds to the mutable human domains.

As above, so below
When a universal crucible of change goes through a resonance shift, it affects all and everything in the universe that is same-same to it in the way of As Above, So Below. Human beings are gifted with the ability of a conscious feeling response – we feel to then be moved to create new music, new dance, poetry, new technologies…

Further, universal shifts in states of resonance are accompanied by streams of new energies that add power, potency and new intelligence to what is happening. It’s quite simple, really. And one need not five university degrees to perceive and comprehend the natural laws.

Again, there is of course much more to it. The thing is that we possess a far deeper intuitive grasp of the natural laws than our formal education would let us realise. Real development requires a good bit of unlearning to cut through the mud of intellectual theories that keep changing every couple of years.

Evolution happens in imperceptible tiny little steps and then, suddenly…
…with no warning, it leaps. There are small and big leaps. The last century represents a big leap in terms of brain power. When I was in school we used to master the slide rule. Most Fulcrum readers may not even know what it looks like let alone how to use it. In my university years I used to earn my keep as a computer analyst, working for the data centre of a large hospital. Their computer filled a large hall. Today it all shrunk to table-top size machines.

In the universe, the micro rules the macro. Like the brain and the body

The 21st century excels in all things physical. The thing is that the seen, physical worlds constitute no more than 10% of the universe’s make-up. The other 90% is made of an inconceivably magnificent spectrum of unseen energy fields. No. not just dark matter. Some of the matters out there accommodate mind-boggling luminescent brilliance which can flood and ignite the human mind and spirit with radical new ideas, new intelligence and new capabilities.

The Leap Generation
This is happening now to people from around the world. The universe does not care less if the person sitting next to you is a Harvard summa cum laude or a peasant. The universe is interested in open minded, free, spirited human beings, close enough to themselves to be able to resonate with the new times. Many of the young generation – my nick-name for them is ‘the leap generation’ – are somehow open in ways that enables them to go with the flow of the new. Some become insanely rich, others become insanely rich in a spiritual sense. Of course if one can combine both its great for them – only the rare few can.

Please note that an 80 year old can absolutely feel and be with the new at all levels and stream with the flow – with added wisdom – in exactly the same way, provided he or she are not set in their ways.

The gap is the spaces in between
When we register a gap, our most acute intuitive registration is the content of the spaces in between. What is the gap over-flowing with? For gaps are always over flowing with something. Because of the nature of new energies now flooding the world, life at this time is on a permanent overdrive. Even when we step into a potato couch posture we do it in full potato couch intensity. When we relax, we relax in full intensity… I know this may be a somewhat weird perspective – have a close look at your life to realize it.

The leap secret
Would you like for me to whisper in your minds’ ear the secret to becoming an engaged participant of the leap generation, regardless how old you are? Please note, I am being deadly serious. In my profession I don’t play games with people’s attention.

Okay, there you go: It’s not about what we do. It’s about our state of being. If you are reading the Fulcrum you likely possess an impressive range of skills and capabilities. So it’s not about doing more or seeking to pitch into an elusive semi-mystical, intangible target ‘out there’. It’s about developing the ability to take a side-step and listen and feel.

Really listen and feel. And tell yourself the story of what you are registering. From yourself, from others, from what is happening around you. Put some time aside to do it every day, on the move.

This is the first sure step into accessing the pristine world of new, unlimited possibilities. You may already be at it. The more consciously declared you are to yourself about it, the more it happens in you to then influence events around you. It has its inner levels and depths that can only be discovered through personal experience.

And no, this is not new age stuff. It’s simply what is.

The gap will stay, but you won’t want it any other way
The fact of the presence of the gap is the greatest blessing. It is evidence that we live in one of the most opportune times in world history, presenting us with fantastic new possibilities to create, innovate and evolve.

The more we occupy the spaces in between and feel content to live outside of our habitual comfort zones, the more we benefit from the generational developmental and wealth creating opportunities presented to us by the new times.

David Gommé
9 October 2014
World Copyright 2014©David Gommé

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