Five Human Development Trends That Are Changing The World

This Fulcrum comes in two parts. The first may – at least to some extent – state the obvious for the keen observers of human development trends. The challenge, however, lies in the second part which poses a pivotal question that ought to occupy the minds of emerging leaders and managers.

Part One – The Five Trends

All five share a deep common denominator, an arising core that has countless expressions. Some fall into the motto “life is stranger than fiction”. Can you find yourself inside of these trends?

1. New intelligent powers and energies are now present that enable people to develop and grow in unprecedented ways.
Many of us are feeling and intuitively responding to the presence and influence of these new energies while they cause and add tremendous impetus to what is happening especially in the context of new human arising: From social to inter-cultural to the worlds of science and technology. The concentrated potency of these energies is the prime cause of extreme volatility in world affairs.

Example: The ups and downs in financial markets are unprecedented. Normal market cycles that used to take a few years to mature can now happen in a space of a few months, weeks or even days. Extreme volatility is a symptom of an inability – mainly due to lack of applied awareness – to contain the potency of these unprecedented new powers.

Personal development is therefore now gaining new meanings, with the added dimension of developing to be able to exponentially expand one’s natural absorption and containment capacities and learning to constructively channel these energies and new possibilities outwardly and inwardly. From enhancing one’s quality of inner processes and self-development to forging new ideas and innovations.

A simple practice to connect to new energies: Think about what works. Think from the best of you. Think about the best of others. Think about what’s good and right, know what’s not, never the other way around. Envision bright outcomes and follow-up with a succession of small yet determined actions.

2. The re-balancing between the masculine and feminine.
There are those who consider this trend – that is deeply connected to the ultra-energizing nature of the new incoming energies – to be the most influential upon human affairs at this time. Humanity is in the process of a dynamic shift away from a masculine dominated world, into the gradual realization of the natural state of a correctly balanced, shared futuristic leadership between the masculine and feminine vectors.

The future is now entering through the feminine vector, in a way that does not exclude men from being at the leading edge. Look around you – the evidence for this is everywhere and the re-balancing caused by this shift over time is one of the pillars of a new future in the making. This shift presents a considerable developmental challenge for both men and women because of its profound impact on our behavioural patterns and on how we interact and communicate.

3. People’s values and what is really important for them is going through a profound transformation.
People are looking for a way of life that has purpose and meaning. Many are coming on their own account to perspectives and perceptions that live outside of the framework of the 21st century that has primarily formed around world economy. The intuitive images that they are perceiving are so much more fantastic and propositional than what they see around them, to the point of being compelled to ask searching questions that cannot be answered with partial mindsets.

The human existence is evolving within a creational, timeless state of affairs, where reaching old age is naturally meant and designed to be a journey to a fantastic new beginning rather than that of having lost the best of oneself on the way. This perception exists beyond new age ‘stuff’ or world religions as they are currently practiced.

The new religion of today, here and now, is that of the many ‘messiahs’, with each individual having a part to play that makes a difference – if they want to. This implies new developmental sciences that are now, bit by bit, revealing themselves to those who seek to discover what it means to be one’s own person. This process naturally prompts the self-initiates into greater responsibility and accountability within their spheres of action and influence.

4. Old holding patterns breaking down and melting away.
The powerful influx of new energies is causing the breaking down and melting away of old forms, thereby promoting a plethora of uprisings that are taking on a multitude of forms and cloaks – from social to the worlds of technology and innovation; from a few individuals that are suddenly driven into little initiatives to social unrest critical mass scenarios.

All, however, share one distinct common denominator which is the element of surprise due to the lightening speeds at which they can happen. Those who are ever developing their anticipation, foresight and perception skills are able to feel it coming and position themselves to be able to respond and where possible, benefit.

5. People are looking for their voice.
People want to be heard and many are taking on the demanding development practice of listening: To what others are saying, to what they are feeling, to their struggle, to what is not said that is at times far louder than what is being said. They are practicing speaking their mind to reveal a greater range and depth of their perceptions as part of their endeavour of self-discovery and self-realization.

This powerful inner impulse is caused by the magnification, amplification and discovery of new meanings to the fact of each person’s special uniqueness and the greater Creational context in which it lives: You and your life are not an evolutionary accident. The focus on personal growth causes many to ask the question: “Is dealing so much with myself not a sign of being self-centered and egotistical?” The answer is a categorical no. Personal development and self realization are the processes that make us fit to help others, lead, serve, be effective and make a difference.

Part Two: The Pivotal Question For Future-Minded Leaders

Leaders and managers who do not feel and perceive these trends and do not know how to usefully translate and harness their power and propositions will, sooner or later, see their business diminish. Those who open up to these trends and learn how to harness their propositional powers will see their businesses grow and flourish. We are entering the era of new forms of responsibility and accountability where the meaning of being human is increasingly the driving power of what can and cannot happen.

The needed know-how to skillfully bring to bear a balanced integration between the accelerating evolution of the human possibility and new personal growth opportunities and the evolution of technology and business transformation is a defining requirement that is shaping the future of leadership.

David Gommé
World Copyright 2013 © David Gommé