The First Commandment of Leadership

The first commandment of leadership is:

Let the purpose lead.

Leadership is a service industry to facilitate progress, change and evolution. With as little ego as possible, where it is never about who is leading but what is leading. The primary inner focus of a leader is not on leading people but on perceiving, translating and communicating. The safety of true leadership is that it arises in response to a genuine need and never as a personal ambition.

Who is leading: The big “I”. What is leading: The little i that is focused on the need rather than on itself; within which live innovation, creativity, far-sightedness, humility, persistence, determination, care, consideration, kindness, wisdom, perspicacity, new intelligence, endurance, unstoppable will-power…

The truly great leaders in world history had high purpose perception to then be purpose driven, deeply moved – compelled – to serve and realize what they believed in, not being self-serving. Being intimately close to themselves and open to what was needed, they were able and willing to empower others with no reserve, fear or favor.

Humans are blessed with the gift of choice. (Self) Leadership is the crucible of big thinking, small actions: We can choose to live the kind of life that makes the world around us a better place to be in. It is a matter of belief, which is one of the most powerful driving qualities in human affairs.

Don’t be timid about joining a great purpose. It is never about doing it on your own – collaborating is the way. Leadership greatness is no less a mindset, an attitude, a state of being than it is about doing. And, destiny has its mysterious ways of connecting people who know what they want in a same-same way.

All giving rise to directive questions:

  • What is your purpose?
  • What do you want – for the short and longer term?
  • What do you perceive your situation to be?
  • What is important?
  • What ideas are worth pursuing?
  • Who is best at doing what?
  • What are the needs?
  • How can we make it work together?

“Driven people who share profound purposes together form an invisible yet powerfully influential team – even if they may not know each other personally”

With best wishes,
World Copyright 2011 © David Gommé

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