Entering 2020 From the Future: Change Dynamics

This Fulcrum follows up from the last issue titled: Personal Development – The Living Science of Much in Little.

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Just about every person I know wants to change something. People want to change the world; to change the world around them; to change something about themselves; for someone else to change in some way.

Let’s focus on something that each one of us can put into effect and that when we do, can and does work wonders: Change in oneself.

For a person to change in some way, she or he needs to start somewhere. Arguably, the best way to start is by asking oneself: What do I really, really want? And being crystal-clear in formulating the answer.

A human being is created to be able to want; to make up one’s mind; to make choices. Hopefully, constructive, wise choices. Because this is where it becomes a little tricky: There is so much happening in and around us that can confuse the choice-making processes.

So, the clearer a person is about what they want, the greater the impact that their life may bring to bear – within oneself and in the world around them.

In making up one’s mind regarding change, there are two key areas to have in mind:

1. The alignment magnet
2. The unseen power and energy dimensions


From a bigger picture perspective, what a person wants aligns their life and center of gravity to one of three domains:

1. The future: Seeking for spiritual fulfillment – the thrill of experiencing the unknown and undiscovered dimensions of living.
2. Maintenance: Looking to develop and secure a sound, supporting platform.
3. Wastage: Engaging in wasteful processes.

To be sure, having a good time is an important aspect of living. Having fun and chilling out have their place in both 1 and 2 above.

Now to the fulcrum of this writing: The nature of process and quality of energies and powers that are present and active in a person are determined by the nature of their self-alignment.

Like we eat to live in the material sense, we also eat to live in the energetic and spiritual sense. There is junk food in the material world and junk food floating about in the unseen energy worlds. Junk energies are all around us. The 21st century is addicted to junk energies – just read today’s newspaper. Those who seek to connect to and process the fine end won’t find it via the Internet. The only way to connect to the higher possibilities of the human opportunity is by learning to use oneself properly. (What the Fulcrum writings are chiefly about). And it starts with… knowing what one wants with lucid clarity.

A magnet is aligned to the north pole. A human can become aligned to, possessed by, countless diverting influences and persuasions. The task is to align to the true north of the human opportunity and become a channel for its energies

Many wants living inside of the big want

In the process of fashioning one’s ‘what do I want?’ mindset, note that inside of the big want live many smaller or supporting wants. So, an important part of the process is to break down the big want into its many enabling components.

Example: “I want to discover and fulfill the promise of living in the fullest possible way”. Now many little – not so little – wants live inside of this big want, such as wanting to find out how to best go about one’s personal development; wanting to order one’s life to a bigger purpose than just one’s personal needs; wanting to create a supporting domestic platform; wanting to help others in their struggle; wanting to enjoy life; wanting to develop all manner of special skills…

In coaching and engaging with thousands of people over the years, it is rare to come across a person who can clearly articulate what they want. The prime reason for this is the incessant bombardment of white noise produced by the 21st century, overlaying the simple yet deeply profound common sense and values that connect people to the greater truths of living. Note that articulating what one wants is a dynamic process, calling for regular updates, determined by where one is within one’s journey of personal evolution.

The higher one’s purpose, the more potent and concentrated the attending energies

The energies of change

The energies of change are a bit like water: A human person may connect to a water source and direct its flow, thereby being a ‘water flow facilitator’ but one cannot be water and do what water can do.

As explained in previous Fulcrums, the ‘waters’ of human development and evolution have many colours and colour combinations. The special ‘essence minerals’ contained in these ‘waters’ – high energies – are the building blocks of human development.

Now imagine the difference between recycled waters and pure waters sourced from a spring, that are known to have remarkable healing qualities. Elevate this analogy by a few octaves to appreciate the difference between recycled energies to new high energies present in the evolutionary domain of the human opportunity.

Death Valley coming to life

Death Valley in California, USA, is what its name suggests – a place where no life can survive. It has the highest ever recorded temperature anywhere on earth of 56 degrees Celsius. In 2004 it experienced the wettest year on record, transforming this forbidding wilderness into a vividly unfamiliar world of wildflowers and lucid pools, triggering unprecedented ecological cycles, with some 50 varieties of flowers blooming, together with thriving insect communities.

The seeds of blooming possibilities were always present in a dormant state. All it took was for the rains to happen upon it. A marvelous analogy to the human situation, where each one of us accommodates incredible dormant formations and possibilities, awaiting the silver rains.

Having a brilliant mind and exceptional intellectual capacity has its many advantages. Bear in mind, however, that the real life happens and is quickened, healed, develops and evolves by and because of the presence and anchorage of high energies, not by the inventions of modern technology.

It takes two to tango

The nature of interaction between the human and the unseen energy worlds is a beautiful dance of call and response. By engendering quiet states of being; well-reasoned, constructive actions and perhaps most importantly, an attitude of listening humility, a seeking life produces a radiation that is compelling upon high energies to be attracted to grace, power and bring new intelligence directly into the spheres of human cognizance.

The 2020 window of opportunity

There is a sense in the air that 2020 is shaping up to be a year rich with thrilling opportunities to experience the onset of new developmental horizons, develop new capacities and be a constructive contributor to the process of creating new futures.

The next big thing lies in the realms of human development and evolution, in what we create within ourselves that transcends the 21st century

Very best wishes to you, dear reader, for a prosperous New Year.

David Gommé

World Copyright 2019© David Gommé

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  1. Well reflected truths that hold plenty of food for thought! Thank you, David and have a wonderful holiday time!

  2. Thank you, well written. It is felt.
    Best wishes for you and your family for the coming decade.

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