The Challenge Of World Leaders In Dealing With Belief Systems

How to handle belief systems that cannot be reasoned with?

Part one: Foundational insights
Part two: The leadership challenge
Part three: A way forward

Part One: Foundational Insights

The belief dimension in human affairs
Belief is the power generator of the heartbeat of humanity. When you and I believe in something together and are wise about how we exercise this belief, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

High beliefs empower people to exercise their natural freedom to explore and discover what it means to be their true selves; each in their deliciously unique way and style.

When something happens that perverts this sacred alignment; when someone decides that their belief means life and anything else means degradation or death, it says that that human or group of people abdicated the human cause and its inherent principle of live and let live, to have become a ‘fixed something’ that is no longer capable of thinking like a human. Regardless of how they may come across, the outcome is a person or group of people who are now occupying a lesser than human capacity – a something else that is processing sub-human levels of consciousness and awareness.

So they look and appear to speak and act like humans, but in reality it’s only partially so. Those who abdicate the human birth-right to exercise choice have, by direct logic, abdicated the human position from within their own life. Think about it.

In effect ‘The belief dimension’ repeats the same message conveyed by ‘the rainbow human’ – coming at the same thing from two different angels.

The champions of free choice
Before continuing, let us reiterate that free choice is spoken of here in a strictly do no harm, constructive context.

Accommodating any and all constructive belief systems is an intrinsic quality of world movements that champion the human choice; thereby creating a human ecology of cooperation between people from all creeds and walks of life. This is possible because their first premise of engagement is human to human first and belief system to belief system second, never the other way around.

Whenever this order reverses, trouble begins.

Part Two – The leadership challenge

Remember that sorry statement: “You are either with us or against us”? My question is: When I am with you, who and what exactly am I with..?

The problem with world leaders advocating human freedom, whose decisions affect multitudes, is that many of them lack the necessary depth of understanding of how to think about the difference between humans with a singular mind-set and truly free human beings.

Of course both the singular and the diverse have their own range, from genuine champions of true freedom to those not much different to an ant column marching through a jungle. Somewhere between the two there is that unseen dividing line where the difference between the two becomes unbridgeable. The mistake that many leaders make is in thinking that they can reason and negotiate when something else is needed, and not of the aggressive kind. What often happens is a continuing game of deception that has no end, as the two operate in two completely different time-horizons.

Radically different time-horizons
Individuals and movements that champion the human choice are acutely sensitive to time horizons that live within the endeavour to ease human pain and create space and opportunities for human enlightenment.

Singular movements do not possess this sense of time. The only sense of timing they possess is the end result they project – bringing to submission whatever stands in their way, for as long as it takes.

The gender dimension
Singular belief systems have one thing in common: An appalling record in gender inequality. Imagine if a miracle happens overnight and the ladies of this world wake up physically stronger than the men and how it may instantly transform the world. While the male’s physical superiority – and the cunning that builds itself around it – may be ruling big chunks of the ‘red’ world, it completely loses its dominion at the higher echelons of human engagement which is host to unlimited variety of incredible strengths and human qualities.

So when you next look at a photo of the all-male parliament somewhere in the world what you are looking at is an image of an arrested singular entity, disconnected from the natural universal balance that makes it possible for life to exist. BUT (yes, all letters capitalized) sooner or later they are due for a rude awakening.

Trying to reason is a non-starter
Did you ever try to reason with an ant? Singular entities of the extreme kind do not comprehend reason like normal people do, as they are not guided by reason but by dogma set in mental cement. Can they change to reconstitute the human option? Only when the powerful, possessive intoxication they are in the throes of wears down.

The volatility factor
If you happen to be following the world’s financial markets, you would surely be cognizant of the exponential increase in volatility in recent years. Stock movements that used to spread over years happen in a matter days. This phenomenon lives inside of a much bigger picture, where the whole world is subject to growing volatility due to a dramatic increase in the potency of new energies that are now accessing the planet, evidenced in the increasing intoxicated unpredictability of human behaviour.

This event in progress calls for the development of new behavioural sciences, as this increase in potency is at its early stages., and we need to be aware that like breathing air, these energies power everything that breathes energies, and most of all, humans.

Bearing this in mind, how can a world leader or a nation advocating the championing of the human choice negotiate with a pre-decided, intoxicated movement governed by fixed dogma?

In short- it’s impossible. There is a need for a different approach.

Part Three – A Way Forward

Imagine if those 50 Billion Dollars that were wasted into a one-time winter Olympics event – in what is now by large a ghost town – were to be invested instead in developing new education templates that empower humans to exercise the human choice in fullness, for the good of all. Add to that stupefying amounts of misplaced efforts and precious resources wasted on various forms of insanity to imagine what may be possible.

The world desperately needs humans that simply hold the line of the illumined way forward – the line of decency, constructive beliefs, the way of live and let live… towards establishing a critical mass energetic, non-linear rolling event that creates the space of the forces that can make this happen, leading to dramatic transformation so fantastic so as to radically alter the outlook of life.

In the meantime we are in no man’s land, one of the most challenging times of transition in world history, where perseverance is the name of the game.

The task is to do this inside of our own lives, as many of us already are doing.

With best wishes,
David Gommé
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