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While I am regularly being asked by my clients for book recommendations, this is the first time that a book is being directly promoted on the Future Dynamics website. And for a simple reason: I believe that this is a book that the world has been waiting for, regarding a pertinent subject that is critically relevant to the lives of 21st-century citizens.

It is written by Sander Funneman, an avid researcher, gifted with a brilliant mind, who has been engaging for many years in interdisciplinary research work that integrates in a coherent and cohesive manner ground-breaking insights from different scientific and humanistic disciplines.

The title of the book is Electric Ecosystems. It takes the reader on an illuminating breath-taking journey into the unseen energy dimension of planet earth and the many forms of organic life that it hosts. In the process of this, revealing the untold damages that modern technology is increasingly inflicting on the natural worlds and the inhabitants of planet earth.

You are likely familiar with the fearful impact of electrosmog on our lives. This book helps in dramatically elevating the reader’s awareness to the unseen dimensions of evolution, the unprecedented wide-open spiritual window of opportunity and how certain aspects of modern technology now threaten to derail and hijack this process into a profit-making agenda.

It is a must-read for those who care about the future of life in our world.

Currently available in its English and Dutch versions.

It is worth purchasing this book just for its stunning cover, created by a prominent artist over a period of few months to embody its many messages through sublime essence art.

Purchase the book at Amazon or
Visit the book website (currently in Dutch):

2 thoughts on “Book Recommendation

  1. I enjoyed both the books of Sander Funneman. Very informative, very readable and very insight-giving.
    I would very much like to come into contact with Sander Funneman.
    Is that possible???

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