The Atmospherics and Energetics of Personal Development

“Those who are not part of the spirit of the times can only be part of its misery”
Beyond Dogma
21st century humans love grids and frameworks: “48 Steps To The Ultimate Power”; “10 Steps To Riches”; “Seven Ways To Get People’s Full Attention”… Our brains and minds are imbued with so much dogma and references to the point that ‘educated conversations’ often become a stock exchange of references drawn from the latest book, research or article written by some guru, somewhere…

Without belittling the great benefits of empowering frameworks, the most potent, universally aligned and connective form of personal growth is achieved by connecting to essence qualities, high energies and inner power formations that already exist in us from birth, that function as ‘inner agencies’ of the incredible worlds of opportunities that surround humanity.

Learning to become more aware of the energy worlds and becoming a skilled operative therein is the highest form of personal development. These practices are natural to the human. As an example, thinking is an energy-intensive process that acts as a magnet to what we think about, thus “You become what you think about”.

Personal Development is Like A Growing Child
What happens to us in the first twelve years of our lives has a profound impact on all that follows. This is why in ancient cultures, for the first twelve years, children were given the freedom to learn without being subject to pressures and demands to develop in any particular direction. This is of course connected to the meaning of puberty, which is our first ‘rite of passage’ in the process of maturing from childhood to adulthood. The reason for this approach was that our development needs to proceed by becoming connected to our unique essence and true inclinations, so that all that follows in life would build on and develop further from that rather than from a partially connected platform where a person would live in a state of distance from oneself.

Your Life Begins From Now
The wisest way to approach personal development is through the gate of the powerful aphorism: “Your life begins from now”. The best place to begin is by asking and answering a few simple questions: “What is really important to me?” “What do I need to change?” “Where do I want to be, personal development wise, six months from today?”

The times live in present us with a unique window of opportunity that allows for new beginnings, possibly unlike any other time in world history. One of its traits is that it enables accelerated personal development to those who are compelled to explore these new possibilities. It is as though we can re-live the essence of the first twelve years, where learning and development happens at ultra-speeds, from where we are today. So if you are 50, while you may not be able to learn a new language at the speed of a five year old, you can, however, connect to your core essence and continue to develop a wide range of natural capabilities in a ‘turbo charged’ way.

Exercise: Use a ribbon or a thin rope to divide the room you are sitting – or any other convenient room – into two. Stand in one half and tell yourself what you want to be like, what you want to be able to do, how you want to be six to nine months from today. Then cross the line to the other half of the room and think about some of the many different practices and actions that will get you there. Feel what is happening in you while you do it: Because your essence loves freedom and new beginnings, it will energize you just by thinking about it.

Energetics and Atmospherics
Personal development needs to be cultivated and nurtured in a special inner environment. The building blocks of personal development are the energetics and atmospherics that feed its growth and evolution. The energy worlds have their equivalent of junk and super foods. Eat too much junk food at your peril; eat super foods in the correct combinations and balance to enjoy tremendous well-being.

Take this up a notch to our spiritual developmental processes: ‘Eat’ – the mind really does eat – junk energies to experience lethargy, lack of focus and mental derangement. Eat super fine energies to become super-energized and experience  the exciting awakening and activation of one’s innate potential. It is exactly the same with atmospherics, the energy fields that surround us. Such as the difference between being in a breath-taking opera or concert and walking through a major train station during rush hour.

Exercise: Set a few minutes aside to then sit in stillness for a few minutes. Do nothing other than sitting, being still, feeling and listening. Feel the atmosphere that forms around you: Stillness is a state of invitation to fine energies that cannot have access to an overly occupied mind. Now the question is: Can you be still for a few minutes..?

The Most Profound Study
The live study of the mind-bogglingly vast and diverse energy worlds that imbue all life is possibly the most profound and challenging, especially when conducted in connection with human evolution and the human opportunity. One of the reasons for this is that the only way to engage with these worlds is through the process of personal development. Even the most brilliant of intellectuals will never be able to gain a feeling access to and perceive these profound worlds just by exercising one’s ability to design mathematical/scientific models that attempt to explain ‘all and everything’.

In the worlds of human development there is no substitute to a real and tangible feeling experience and to learning how to use one’s body and mind to accommodate the higher aspect of the human possibility.

Exercise: What are the feelings that you love the most? How do you go about creating situations where you can have more of those feelings and explore their range and depth? Example: Do you love the feeling of inter-human warmth? Is generating situations that accommodate these feelings part of your regular practice? Fact: The deliberate generation of warmth – or any other constructive quality – can also attract energies and qualities that exist out there in the vast range of unseen ‘clouds’ of energy and power, in a way that augments and compounds the efficacy of the act.

The Sum Of The Whole – Greater Or Lesser
One of the greatest intellectual challenges concerns the Perpetuum Mobile enigma – that mysterious machine designed in a such a way that the sum of the whole of its parts is assembled to produce a power output greater than that of the individual parts, that keeps powering itself forever.

When a forum of highly intelligent people gather in the context of achieving an objective, their collective attitudes will produce a quality of process greater or lesser than that of the individuals when on their own. When people are tasked with a mission, extraordinary capabilities form one part of the equation. The other part is their ability to not form a collective stupid, resulting from incompetent process leadership.

Collective brilliance and collective stupid both constitute powerful points of attraction for ‘universal stupid’ or radically enhancing ‘intelligent energies’. The fact of the matter is that Perpetuum Mobile actually comes to life, for real, for set periods of time, when people bring the best of themselves in ways that empower, augment, support and magnify each other’s best. And, where the energetics and atmospherics that gather in and around these processes present mind-boggling opportunities to progress, discover and elevate.

Where Does It Fit..?
It fits everywhere… All the time and every moment of the day… Why and how like-minded people connect; understanding why different cultures are different… Why the world is in the midst of a transition from a masculine to a feminine-natured epoch… What is the difference, energy-worlds-wise between a masculine and a feminine way of leading… Understanding the roots of inter-personal conflict… Perceiving the purposes of leadership… Why some of the designs of open work spaces where people need to look for a work-space every day all over again can be so counter-productive… How to design work-spaces that enhance creativity and innovation…

It’s called ‘Bothing’: Constantly leading a business to its ‘what next’ and doing the personal development work that makes it possible. Subtract personal development from this ‘double helix’ equation and you end up with… no business… sooner or later.

David Gommé
World Copyright 2013© David Gommé

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