An Invitation

To start with, a warm welcome to the new subscribers from around the world. The Fulcrum now reaches people from around 70 nations world-wide, with an ongoing flow of heart-warming responses.

This issue of the Fulcrum is different in the sense that it invites you  to consider responding to a question.

In being mindful of the rapid evolutionary change in progress that many of us either experience or intuitively sense, there are many points of importance that want to be brought into the spotlight of human cognizance, regarding the human possibility, personal growth, leadership, world events, the future…

The question to you is: Is there a subject or an issue of importance that you would be interested to be prodded in a Fulcrum writing?

Bearing in mind that one of the objectives of the Fulcrum is to ‘shrink’ a book’s-worth of insights into a few minutes reading format.

If this triggers you, I would love to hear from you.

Just click ‘reply’ with your raw response, or reply to the Fulcrum email if you wish for the question to be handled confidentially (the Fulcrum will not mention the your name).

With best wishes,


4 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Dear David,

    I would be grateful to read about ways to keeping being neutral even when triggered to maximum to fight back. I guess that is why you picked ‘colourless’ in our catalyst forum – to not feel personally hurt, but when it helps the world to keep silent from the inner core. Not absent, but present from that feeling.

    Warm wishes

  2. Dear David,

    What is the function of memory, as it seems to work rather in advantage of your development, but also against it…?. So you want to remember that you are a person with ‘good’ intentions, but a minute later life reminds you about things that where not conducted according to the ways of that good person you thought you intended to become. Can we influence what we remember, and how we want to remember?

  3. Three tiny challenges:
    How does one help others empathize?
    Will the division in our world end once more of us develop profound empathy?
    Is there a way to change psychopathic or sociopathic behaviour for the better?

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