The Ten Actors Methodology

The Ten Actors Methodology is a ground-breaking, one of a kind methodology that helps people to prevent stress-related burnouts by coming to grips with the proper usage of the human system.

21st century stress: A silent killer

The World Health Organization (WHO) regards stress to be a global epidemic. Beyond a certain threshold – up to a point, stress is a necessary part of living a performing – prolonged stress impacts people’s mental health, behaviour, physiology and well-being. Stress is contagious. You may not suffer excessive stress factors, but if you are surrounded by stressful people, their stress vibes will affect you in obvious and not so obvious ways.

An ingenious developmental insight

A product of pioneering work into the human potentiality, the Ten Actors Methodology is about training oneself to meet, respond and handle life and its challenges dynamically, at the point of action, by learning to connect to and engage the multi-dimensional human capacity to perceive and respond. Because it’s about connecting to one’s natural potential, the process of learning and assimilation of this methodology is enjoyable, rapid, and energizing.

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Stress is not being able to use oneself properly